a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

spending time in kl with the other half and close friends
mm...have to come again next week for job interview, written exam and god knows what
i don't care what will be next. i just can't wait to start working. i'm afraid i will lose my skill if i leave the clinical environment too long. huhu :(

for the record, i watched The A-Team for 3 consecutive days
the movie was great. the storyline was great. i love action movies. weehee~~
Capt HM Murdock is THE MAN!!!
i think Jessica Biel did nothing in the movie except looking pretty. huh!

i am going back to johor tomorrow. muhammad is having fever (according to him) and asked me to come home ASAP. nak pergi jalan-jalan la tu :P

i can't help it that i am doing mental notes on what is the dental treatment plan of strangers i meet everyday. haha. typical dental student. and i still feel awkward if people address me as "doctor". need time to get used to it


i'm home. for good. finally
tapi dah tak boleh duduk diam. asyik nak keluar je. tapi duit takde :P

the grueling 5 years has ended and i am relieved. alhamdulillah~
segala puji bagi Allah kerana telah menjadikan mimpi ini satu kenyataan
to the teachers and colleagues, i am wholly indebted

i can't wait to start working soon. takut skill tumpul la. silap2 nak carve amalgam pun dah lupa
sesiapa nak jadi my patient, sila angkat tangan!!!!!!!


it's the date where we will be battling our minds after 2 grueling clinical years
racing with time and heart beats
i can't wait for it to start and finish
i hope we will remake the history

as for my friend, Nor Farhana aka Berry, she will be graduting on 22nd May
oh, i am so jealous
aku baru je habis exam, ko dah ambik scroll eh :P
anyhoo, congrats to you~
fiey, ko pulak bila nak abes?

i can't sit still for the past few days
i am an irritable and restless young lad who is so eager to sit for exam even though she has piles of notes untouched

doakan kami semua ye~

seha is going back tonight. i can't send her to the bus station. she'll go by taxi
and i will be alone. i only have pipah with me and jun and nasyitah
i can't wait to pack my things and leave this place for good (insyaAllah)
it has been 5 long years...

this is where i learnt how to be independent
not to burden other people
do your own things and manage your life
nurin, dama and farha are enjoying their holiday
mine will come in 3 weeks. just 3 weeks left and i'll be gone

i only have one week left for study leave then the battle starts
i pray and i hope that all of us can smoothly sail through

right this moment, my tearducts swell
when will i see all of you again?...
you have been by my side for this whole years
and i'm going to miss every seconds of it and keep it fresh in my heart
you have become a part of my life and i won't forget that
insyaAllah, this bond will never end

all of you, i wish you the best of luck in everything you do
beat those people who underestimate you
my pray is always with you

a bunch of gratitude for giving me friends like you
thank you so much
and those names who i didn't mention here, you still have place in my memories
and that will never fade

2 weeks to go before Professional III exam starts
berhempas-pulas scan piles of notes
buat semua, doakan kejayaan kami
halalkan makan minum kami, halalkan ilmu yang dikongsi

ya Allah, permudahkan jalan kami
terangi hati kami
lapangkan dada kami

alhamdulillah, i have issued my bridge and crown

another one crown to go before i complete my fixed prosthodontics requirement
insyaallah, i will get it done on time
now, i hope the lab technician will help me to get my removable prosthesis issued
they always joke about me not to graduate this year
minta-minta kata-kata mereka itu x menjadi kenyataan walaupun hakikatnya aku dah bersedia
aku mahu pergi konvo beramai-ramai

tomorrow, i will try to get my molar RCT done
pity my patient because he had to endure with pain when my temporary filling dislodged 3 days before his final exam

yesterday was a good day for me
we went out for dress hunting and found one that is great for my dinner (walaupun dinner itu akan berlaku dalam masa sebulan lagi. hehe)
and spent time (and money) at wakaf che yeh
with rm100, i bought 2 clothes and 8 scarves
gila kentang sungguh aku berbelanja
but they were all worth the money
i was satisfied with my bargains

later at night, we celebrated nurin's birthday at PCB
turned out, it was raining last night and we could not waste our night chit chatting accompanied with sea breeze and waves *sigh*

to zara, i like you AK's writing
keep it up, girl :)

we went to penang for lawatan sambil belajar to Pusat Bekalan Air Sg Dua Pulau Pinang
the motive was to learn about water fluoridation. tapi akhirnya jadi belajar bagaimana air dirawat
at first, i was excited but the guide dragged our time and i was bored to death :P
panas pulak tu. tengahari buta suruh berjalan pusing loji air
nasib baik i ada kipas tangan yang baru beli kat feringghi the night before *lol*

i have 2 case write up to do but i don't know where to start
have to submit both on sunday
tomorrow, i have to go to machang for mobile clinic
sempat ke??.... erk

me wasting time on the ferris wheel :P

ok. aku bosan
hidup xde life tapi dengan penuh berdisiplin aku berjaya menyiapkan report dalam masa 2 hari
itu pencapaian yang membanggakan bagi diri aku yang terkenal dengan malas and last minute lady

malam tadi bermimpi dimarahi lecturer-in-charge in prosthodontics discipline
gila horror mimpi pasal requirement malam2

pakcik makcikku ke mekah buat umrah
semoga wak selamat pergi dan sampai :)

belum call patient untuk petang ni la
aish!! (ketuk kepala sendiri)

mau makan chocolate banyak2

sila garu kepala sebab post ini merepek

next week kena pergi penang
bukan jalan2 tapi ke loji fluoride

bridge aku sudah hampir siap
*padahal dah berlambak orang issue bridge :P*

this is another episode of me pulling myself down....

physically and mentally exhausted
i am not sure how to carry myself again
one incident after another left me disorganized

6 weeks to go
can i finish my requirements?
still have many things to complete
my schedule is tight and i don't know where to squeeze in
sometimes, i wonder, "do i really want to do this?"

haven't cried for some time
i am wearing a happy facial expression to class everyday
i cannot face the lecturers without thinking "can i sit for the final exam?"

why am i feeling so hard to do things i initially like?
i feel like a burden

i want to run away but that will only make things worst

i need guidance
and support
and please help me stand whenever i fall....

i had no patient for afternoon session
i purposely didn't call any patient after both my patients could not come today
i am tired this whole week. i don't know why

since last week, i felt something weird in my mouth
my tongue could feel something attached on my upper back tooth
so, i asked my friend to do scaling for me
i think, the last time i did one was when i was 2nd year student :P
now i know how patients feel when they are on dental chair (after not getting a proper dental treatment for more than 2 years)
up until now, i can still feel discomfort at my left jaw joint
sakit lenguh...
kesian aku. selalu buli patient, ni la akibatnya :P

i am thinking of removing that tooth because it is difficult for me to reach it during toothbrushing
anybody wants to do extraction for me?

oh ya! i performed minor oral surgery yesterday
i managed to anaesthesize the right place
(dah lama x inject kat tempat tu :P)
within 1 hour, i finished the procedure
ok la tu for a beginner like me :)

hari ini ada CFCS Family Day
berlangsung di PPSG dari pukul 8.30 pagi sehingga 11.30 pagi
nasib baik mak angkat boleh datang tadi
kalau tak, ada sikit affect performance for CFCS
takut2 xleh sit for final exam
diorang ni....suka gertak pasal PRO exam tau :P

11.30 sharp, terus cabut semua bahan pameran
bila dean turun, terkejut tengok semua dah kemas
dia kata " not worth the effort. exhibition only for few hours. print posters banyak2"
but the hall was full. ok la tu....

pics later if i rajin
maghrib sudah

akhirnya berjaya ada case bridge

4 unit lak tu
full jacket porcelain lagi...
mesti korang x paham kan?
abaikan je. yang penting lepas satu lagi clinical requirement

lately, selalu balik lambat
habis klinik, terus pergi lab
banyak kerja tertangguh
hati mula rasa gelisah. entah sempat atau tak nak siapkan semua requirements
xmo grad sorang2 .... :(

Ya Allah, aku mohon bantuan-Mu
permudahkanlah urusanku
rahmatilah perjalananku
tenangkanlah hatiku
berkatilah urusanku
pada-Mu aku bersujud semoga aku diberi ketenangan
dan kekuatan untuk menempuh hari-hari mendatang
Ya Allah, aku mohon pada-Mu
terangkanlah hatiku untuk menerima ilmu-Mu
lapangkanlah dada-Ku untuk mendapat ilham dari-Mu
limpahkanlah kurnia-Mu dalam pekerjaan harianku

saya suka chicken floss!!!
harga rm2.50 kat cintaku bakery pun xpela
janji dapat makan chicken floss
oh, chicken floss~


it's thursday and i have no class today
initially, i thought of joining the 4th year for their lectures but as usual, i woke up late
lame excuse from me, the lazy ass :P

i have been having sore throat for the past 3 days
it's getting better i think but my voice is still serak (don't know this word in english. LOL)

i have prepared a schedule for professional II which is in 3 months time
i am hoping that something knock me on my head so i will start to do my revision
like so seriously do my revision

but i am still worry about my requirement
oh...i need bridge work case
and my patient for crown is always outstation :(
i am thinking to find another patient for post and core and PBM crown
jahat la patient tu :'(

sudah kembali ke kampus yang banyak duka dari suka :P
walaupun hanya 3 hari berada di rumah, itu sudah cukup untuk mengembalikan keriangan di hati
tapi sebenarnya, tak cukup 3 hari pun
sampai2 johor je hari rabu tu, tengah hari terus ke klang
bermalam di rumah pakcikku dan ke shah alam keesokan harinya
pulang ke johor petang itu juga
dan semalam, naik bas ke kota bharu pada pukul 9 malam
oh ya! sultan johor mangkat (innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun....)
dan ketika keluar dari terminal larkin, nampak kereta dan polis berderet di hospital pakar puteri

esok tiada kelas hanya persiapan untuk school oral health day
seminggu ini tiada kelas hanya sesi beramah mesra dengan pelajar tingkatan satu
semoga hari2 mendatang akan lebih bermakna dari sebelum ini

first paper down. 2 more to go
one in the afternoon. short answer question
what should i write in the essay paper?

berdebar-debar 2, 3 hari ni
dari semalam lagi dah mula restless macam orang amik dadah
x boleh nak duduk diam
sapu bilik la, mop lantai la, basuh baju la
pukul 10 malam baru la betul2 baca buku
apa nak jadi ni. aish~

to fiey and friends, good luck to us
may Allah guide and bless us

makan dan tidur itu memang indah
lebih-lebih lagi kalau tak perlu memikirkan apa yang patut dibuat esok
bangun pagi dan terus sahaja buat apa yang terlintas di fikiran
tapi itu tidak terjadi kepada diriku memandangkan exam akan berlangsung selama dua hari iaitu pada 18 dan 19 hb Januari
makanya, setiap kali celik mata, pasti akan terlintas mahu baca tajuk apa pula ya hari ini?
mahu menangis sudah bila menyedari yang nota belum dibaca itu masih banyak dan tinggi lagi timbunannya

oh ya! teruk aku dimarahi oleh lecturer di klinik 2 hari lepas gara-gara tak tahu bagaimana mahu prescribe paracetamol
aiyak!! disaster sungguh

selepas ini, aku mahu menjadi seorang yang fokus dan tekun mengulankaji pelajaran
ye. itu amay klise. tapi, biarkan saja aku begini :P

aku perlukan doa kamu semua semoga aku berjaya mengharungi peperiksaan minggu depan
semoga aku lulus ya~

i am in desperate need of bridge. really need it
i have 12 more weeks to go before my clinical year ends in april
i don't even know whether i can sit for my professional exam or not
things are going in haphazard manner
i need to focus on my mid term exam first before i focus on other things
focus farha!focus!

muhammad has entered tadika!!!!!
gave mother a call just now and he answered
rupa-rupanya semalam dia menangis lepas mama dia tinggalkan dia kat tadika
hari ni xnak pegi sekolah dah. dia tipu aku kata pergi sekolah. huhu
esok dia suruh mak aku hantar dia pergi sekolah
tadi pergi rumah nya'i, dia curik guli getah adila, sepupu aku.
selamba dia je

oh owh..hari ini sangat hectic
malam tadi, patient call bagitahu x dapat datang klinik pagi ni sebab dia ada kat kuantan
melepas nak buat root planing
pagi ni share patient dengan jun. tapi kesian jun sebab tiba2 aku kena shoot OPG dan scaling dulu sebelum extract root stump dia :P
nasib baik ada patient lain yang nak cabut gigi

petang pulak, tiba2 ada walk in patient nak repair denture
denture patah dua sebab terjatuh masa gosok gigi
berlari pantas nak siapkan denture sebab pukul 3 dah ada patient menunggu
setengah jam dia tunggu. bukannya nak bagitahu dah sampai
kesian pulak kena tunggu lama
berjaya membuat tampalan dalam masa 45 minit which was a record for me
pukul 4.15, issue denture yang dah siap repaired
bagus! satu pencapaian yang hebat untuk aku hari ni

kena prepare script untuk debate
sialolithiasis and sialadenitis belum baca lagi
ortho lagi pagi esok

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