a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

it's the date where we will be battling our minds after 2 grueling clinical years
racing with time and heart beats
i can't wait for it to start and finish
i hope we will remake the history

as for my friend, Nor Farhana aka Berry, she will be graduting on 22nd May
oh, i am so jealous
aku baru je habis exam, ko dah ambik scroll eh :P
anyhoo, congrats to you~
fiey, ko pulak bila nak abes?

i can't sit still for the past few days
i am an irritable and restless young lad who is so eager to sit for exam even though she has piles of notes untouched

doakan kami semua ye~

seha is going back tonight. i can't send her to the bus station. she'll go by taxi
and i will be alone. i only have pipah with me and jun and nasyitah
i can't wait to pack my things and leave this place for good (insyaAllah)
it has been 5 long years...

this is where i learnt how to be independent
not to burden other people
do your own things and manage your life
nurin, dama and farha are enjoying their holiday
mine will come in 3 weeks. just 3 weeks left and i'll be gone

i only have one week left for study leave then the battle starts
i pray and i hope that all of us can smoothly sail through

right this moment, my tearducts swell
when will i see all of you again?...
you have been by my side for this whole years
and i'm going to miss every seconds of it and keep it fresh in my heart
you have become a part of my life and i won't forget that
insyaAllah, this bond will never end

all of you, i wish you the best of luck in everything you do
beat those people who underestimate you
my pray is always with you

a bunch of gratitude for giving me friends like you
thank you so much
and those names who i didn't mention here, you still have place in my memories
and that will never fade

2 weeks to go before Professional III exam starts
berhempas-pulas scan piles of notes
buat semua, doakan kejayaan kami
halalkan makan minum kami, halalkan ilmu yang dikongsi

ya Allah, permudahkan jalan kami
terangi hati kami
lapangkan dada kami

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