a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

sampai kampus pukul 6.30 pagi semalam
paksa diri jangan tidur
takut x terbangun nak pergi kelas

terus mandi dan bersiap
sarapan dengan roti, cheese and hot nescafe di depan laptop sambil upload gambar

pukul 9.15, berjalan kaki ke kelas
singgah lab kejap sebab nak amek denture
x siap lagi rupanya
patient dah sampai ni
suruh patient tunggu kejap la
pukul 10.30 baru siap denture tu

panggil patient duduk
trim sikit mana2 yang patut
and tadaa~~
patient dapat denture baru

dah issued 2 dentures
kena buat 1 pair lagi
farha boleh!!!!

lunch break, kuar awal
dalam 12.40
g lunch sorang2 and terus g surau
xde orang kat surau
maybe sebab ramai org cuti dan balik
tertidur kat surau sampai 2.30
nasib baik ada org kejut
kalau x, memang smpi malam ada kat situ je

we had sports carnival at uitm shah alam on 28th march
i joined the volleyball team
things started late, around 10am
we didn't expect an opening ceremony which caused things to start late
the organizer didn't inform me that we had to bring our flag for the ceremony which made me pissed off

we had futsal for boys and girls, volleyball for boys and girls, netball for girls, badminton for boys and girls, and table tennis for boys and girls.

we bagged 4 golds for the event
1 from girls futsal
1 from girls volleyball
1 from boys badminton
1 from boys table tennis

1 silver from boys futsal

we thougth we won the overall prize
but ukm took away the prizes
i wondered how they chose the winner

and also there was something unfair happened
i pitied our boys volleyball team
i really hoped they could win

went out to meet jordy, ripsta, paulin, stef and pillie
jordy fetched me at 6.30pm
it was raining and the traffic was heavy

met up at mcD times square before we headed off to papa john's pizza times square
paulin was late tapi tunggu jela dia sampai before ordering

and these people kan...
very the naughty tau
pening pale aku
oh..that was the first time i met them
they are my online community buddies

then, we lepak at mamak
i ordered nescafe tarik sebab aku tau aku mesti akan balik lambat
pastu terpikir..seharian x tidur nih
esok ada game
tapi, belasah jela
bukan selalu pun jumpa diorang kan

we were in deep discussion at that round table of mamak
there will be something big happens within these few months
let's pray and hope that all will go according to our plan

jordy sangat serious semasa discussion
aku cuba untuk menenangkan dia yang kurang sikit tahap kesabaran
stef and paulin lari pegi toilet
pillie and ripsta cuba menerangkan hal sebenar dengan detail

amaran untuk jordy:

jam dah pukul 2.30am
kami ke bukit ampang
konon2 nak tengok night view of kl la
ramai la pulak orang kat situ

when the ice konon2 melted
i described them one by one

jordy: sangat x sabar..ish3
stef: kamu pendiam tapi chomel :)
ripsta: seperti yang ku bayangkan..kamu memang gila
paulin: tembamnya pipi itu. seperti mahu ku cubit saja :P. you are talkative
pillie: xtau nak describe sebab x kenal. hahahah. tapi kamu juga gila seperti kawanmu

and what did they say about me
stef: active (huh?)
paulin: photomaniac (so true babeh..sampai panjat kusi tau nak amek gambar nih :P)
jordy: (x ingat la pe dia cakap.muahahahaha)
ripsta: (pun x ingat gak xD)
pillie: jujur/straightforward (katanya kan....)

bergerak pulang pukul 4 lebih
jordy had to send paulin and stef and me
tata ripsta and pillie~~

x lama pas masuk keta, aku pun pejam mata
penatnya seharian x tido
sampai hotel dekat pukul 6
mandi and tido kejap sebelum ke uitm untuk sports carnival itu

thank you because spending time with me
really appreciate that
maybe i didn't talk much
but i did have fun with you all
thanks again

khamis lepas, kami pergi ke uitm shah alam untuk intervarsity sports carnival
departed at 10.30pm, i checked all the names in the list to make sure they were not left out
it was a long journey...

we stopped twice
once in pahang (x ingat kat mana) and once in genting sempah
we tried to kill time because we could not check in until 3pm because the hotel had function that day
we were staying at intekma resort and convetion centre shah alam...

arrived shah alam at 9am
we stopped at masjid shah alam to refresh ourselves
they were 2 students from uitm came to fetch us
since we couldn't go to the hotel, we headed to pkns instead for breakfast (padahal kat genting sempah tu dah breakfast :P)

me, angah, gee, ida and siti were wandering around at pkns and SACC mall
xde keje sangat
at 2.30pm, the bus arrived and we hopped into it
dah pikir nak panjat katil je masa tu

checked into our room, and
sejuk aircond itu sungguh menyamankan
suddenly, it rained
siap guruh petir kilat bagai

good monrning~~~~

am having breakfast
bread, cheese and hot nescafe


bercerita dengan dama dalam kereta tadi
poured it all
x kesah pun kalau xde solution
i just wanted to let it go off my mind and heart
thank you dear friend


mulakan hari anda dengan senyuman
semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam

my character does not reflects the meaning of my name

it lacks spontaneity
which sometimes made me missed good things

still, i treasure my journey
for the better or worse

i am trying to be at my best
though i will not be able to achieve the best, all the time

work hard, play hard, think hard

somehow, i know
i will work through ups and downs

because at the end of the day
it is me who tastes the sweetness
and not someone else who don't really care

it's a secret
don't tell anybody

hari ni patient x datang appointment
tiba2 ada urgent meeting katanya
terlepas nak buat Class II amalgam
xpela kot...

petang lepas klinik, ada medical exam
alahai....mintak2 pass

malam tadi hujan lebat
niat nak tido kejap je dengan harapan bangun untuk study
tapi haram...
kul 5 baru sedar
tu pun masih dengar hujan menderu-deru
uuuuuuuiiiiiiii.....x sanggup nak bangun
makanya, aku pun sambung tido semula sampai pukul 6.30am

jawab exam macam haram
langsung lupa semua yang dibaca
dah lepas pun

esok ada medical exam
tah pape je
dah berbulan-bulan tinggalkan posting tu baru nak ada exam ke?

serabut seyh
bengang pun ada
blur tambah lagi 5 kilo

nak tido dulu la

i have oral pathology/medicine exam this morning

kalau baca pun, x pernah abes

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

i answered this rather than preparing myself for exam tomorrow :P
somehow, the result reflects me

woke up early this morning
so i had a chance to prepare breakfast
i made scrambled eggs
ate it with bread and soy sauce

rasa cam nak pergi sekolah masa kecik2 dulu

ada sukan mesra psg hari ni
main futsal kat futsal arena pasir tumboh

had 4 girls team and 6 boys team

we started late. around 9.30am

ada satu issue pasal imported players
we, the management team didn't mind if they want to import players
cuma ada sesetengah pihak yang memperbesar-besarkan isu itu
menyebabkan kami pening kepala
we had to be firm but i'm afraid that will affect us later on
but we still sticked to our decision

kan namanya sukan..
main la atas nama sukan
jangan la gaduh kan...

finished at 1.00pm
after simple prize giving ceremony
we headed off to our campus
and i slept tightfully...

woke up late this morning and i didn't join my friends for volleyball
did laundry and had late breakfast
which was actually hot nescafe and instant noodle
i was too lazy to go to cafe
thought i would be able to bear with it till dinner

went for volleyball at 6.30pm
i couldn't play well in court
i don't know why
yan must feel bengang with me

that's when i felt my stomach grumbled with hunger
i almost fainted but i didn't

went out for dinner with nurin and farha
after dining, we went to wakaf che yeh
i wanted to buy tudung because i realized my tudung was not in my closet
guess someone took it when i hanged it after laundry the other day

we bought so many things
the prices were crazy
i bought a pink tudung for rm30
black, white and beige for rm10 (yes, 3 for rm10.jadi la kalau takat nak buat main)
total of rm24 for brooches, which is equal to 9 brooches.hehe
and a pair of shoes for rm20

and i thought i saw lina chan when we were looking for parking spot
i was pretty sure it was her
though i've never met her before
just through her blog

have to wake up early tomorrow
we are having futsal tournament in pasir tumboh

dark green

stripey green

minty green

leafy green

went to a restaurant with lek tuan, izzati and ayien for dinner last night
me and izzati lost the bet so we treated them a heavenly delicious dinner

when we arrived, the house was full
waited for few minutes and the waiter brought us to our table
we ordered package menu; 5 dishes+white rice+chinese tea and mixed fruit

izzati chose red tomyam, and fried prawn with butter
i chose fried chicken with mango and fried kailan with salted fish
ayien chose steamed seabass with kapitan sauce
lek tuan ordered peach pudding
me and izzati opted for pitaberry and soursop juices

we chatted and bullshitting and laughed and gossiping and stuff
i always brought my camera along to capture those moments

we were really hungry
and by the time our food came we ate like bull
we took our time enjoying our meal
started eating at 9.35pm and finished one hour later
our stomachs bloated after desserts

took some pictures on our way to car
planned to snap some on the road but the cars and bikes just kept passing by

lek tuan fell asleep in the car
kenyang yang amat kot..
mata ayien pun dah super kuyu
aku memang ingat nak terus tidur je bila sampai bilik


i always have palpitations
it happens at unexpected time and on uneventful occasions such as while watching my partner treating patients or just sitting lazily or whenever something not usually cause panic to other people

i told nurin my problem when i bumped into her this afternoon
she said, the condition is called "unexpected panic attack"

it comes with other panic attack symptoms such as sweating and dry mouth
mine will go away after few minutes
i don't feel comfortable when symptoms come
it makes me feel like i am having heart attack

sakitnya dada bila jantung berdegup laju tiba2....

semalam, lutut kananku tiba2 locked masa nak turun tangga
dah la tengah berlari turun lepas abes klinik
alhamdulillah, x terjatuh
berdebar rasanya time tu
sakitnya lutut...
naseb la sekejap je locked knee tu

then, pegi turun main volleyball
kali ni lutut kiri lak yang sakit
sebabnya melompat masa nak amek bola
masa nak landing tu, kaki kiri jatuh dulu
lutut tu rasa cam nak tercabut
mujur x terjatuh gak..

i dreamt nothing last night
slept at 1.00am and woke up at 7.30am
have class at 8.15am

i love you~~

went out naliny and her friend just now
looking for food stock for the next 2 weeks

after that, we went for dinner
while we were at our table and chatting
there's one man without an arm came to our table
he greeted me with salam and asked me whether i wanted to buy his kerepek
i was reluctant at first
but after i listened to what he said, i bought his stuff
katanya, "nak mintak sedekah, saya segan. jual ni jela saya boleh cari duit. asal mana?"
"dah lama ke duduk sini? belajar ye?"
"saya doakan awak belajar elok2. tapi, awak pun doakanlah anak saya pun dapat belajar macam awak. ada lagi sorang je"
"insyaAllah pakcik"
"bila balik johor?"
"lambat lagi"
"saya doakan perjalanan awak dari kota bharu ke johor selamat pergi dan balik ye"
"insyaAllah..terima kasih ye"
"terima kasih"

sangat tersentuh bila dengar dia cakap macam tu
naliny sampai kata, "i respect la that man. dia bagus"

lepas tu, lelaki itu pun pergi ke meja-meja lain untuk jual kerepek

pakcik, saya doakan pakcik sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki, anak belajar pandai-pandai. terima kasih sebab doakan saya ye.....

khamis lepas, aku pergi ke postgraduate room
tujuan untuk mencarisatu team untuk futsal sukan mesra ppsg this weekend

kisahnya, ada dua orang master students masa tu
i invited them to join us
they agreed and will give the namelist this week
one of them asked for my number
i gave him lah kan..

semalam, he SMSed me saying that there is not enough players for their team
i said it's okay
if you couldn't find 10, 6 is also enough
dia pun kata ok la. nanti dia cari lagi

pastu dia suruh aku translate thesis topic dia in bahasa melayu ASAP
sebab dia nak submit hari ni
tajuknya, "geometric morphometric analysis of dental cast and cephalometric of malays with unilateral and bilateral cleft lip and palate"
amek kau!!
camne aku translate???
tapi translate gak la...
bunyinya, "analisis geometrik morfometrik model kegigian dan sefalometrik pesakit-pesakit rekahan bibir dan lelangit sesisi dan dua sisi berbangsa melayu"
pelik sungguh bunyinya...

pastu dia pun wish good luck kat aku

yesterday, we organized sukan mesra psg
we had netball match
the participants were 1st years, 2nd years, 4th years, 5th years and staff
i was the time keeper

staff team won first place, 4th years won second place
we played in the rain during final game
it was raining yesterday until this morning
made me unwilling to open my eyes

yesterday, my patient didn't come to clinic
i called him many times but he didn't answer my calls
i sent SMS to him but he didn't reply
i was frustrated
told my supervisor that my patient failed to attend
she asked me what i did during my free time
i said, i managed our sports carnival
she said, that's good
one thing happened because of other thing
i wasn't sure whether she was being or sarcastic or sincere

joined my friends for their futsal/netball practice
me playing netball was a mistake
me playing futsal was another big mistake
my team lost both match

at night, our friend organized a junior-senior session at the musolla
i had to give opening speech
i didn't know about this until 2 days before the event
asal la korang suka bagitau aku benda2 last minute
i gave so-called advise and motivation to our juniors for 10 minutes
just to kill time before the invited guest came
she was still on her way to our campus after her clinic

after i did my part, i excused myself because i promised my other friends for dinner
they were unhappy when i told them we could not have early dinner

walked as fast as i can to my room to change my clothes
and ayien was 'crazy' because he kept on honking

fetched izzati at nurani and headed off to pizza hut
izzati and ayien treated me and lek tuan pizza

lek tuan made silly jokes the whole night

this one is for zara:
me : lek tuan, ada orang cakap u cute
lek tuan : ye ke? sape? mana dia tau?
me : i letak gambar u kat blog. pastu dia nampak. dia pun kata u cute
lek tuan: aiyaa..u tau x. arini sudah dua orang kata i cute tau. tapi i malas nak layan sebab i busy
dialog seterusnya, dah x ingat
sangat perasan tau itu lek tuan

ada satu lagi
lek tuan: ayien, "jatuh"kan i kat sini
bongok sungguh lek tuan kerana directly translated "jatuh" from "please drop me here"

bersembang dengan lecturer dan kawan2 lain pasal graduation night
macam2 idea keluar
rasa macam nak buat semua
tapi x cukup duit lak

last sekali, came out with one idea
i think it will be something unique
x sabar nak start rehearse performance(s)

i can't sing but i want to

lupakan jela niat tu..
buat benda lain je

hari ni macam2 benda yang nak kena buat selain kerja kat klinik
kena manage players untuk sports carnival
kena book bas untuk sports carnival
kena submit elective topic
kena tolong awanis untuk sukan mesra ppsg
kena buat draft untuk graduation night yang dah lambat sangat
dan bermacam2 lagi

petang tadi turun tengok orang main netball and futsal
tengok je...x reti nak main

tapi tiba2 izzati ajak pergi tengok orang main futsal malam ni
aku pun terus kata nak ikut
ayien nak bawak
padahal sebelum ni jangan harap la nak tengok bola
tapi tadi, layankan je

gerak dekat2 pukul 9
kami ke futsal arena kay lundang
ramai rupanya staff turun main..
aku ngan izzati tengok dari tepi jela

balik tu, ayien/hilmi belanja makan roti canai
kenyang perut
murah rezeki korang kan
alhamdulillah....(lek tuan telah cuba menyebut perkataan ini ketika makan tengah hari lepas main bowling.huhu)

finished up my laundry
chatted with mui gee and naliny in naliny's room
mata tahan ngantuk je
serabut rasa sebab nak pikir banyak benda
tapi, aku rasa aku suka life aku sekarang
sebab boleh buat banyak benda

our school had bowling tournament dean's cup yesterday
i was forced to play by lek tuan and ayien
i told them don't blame if we lost because i didn't know how to bowl

supposedly, the game started at 10am
but we started late
around 11.30am
we had to finish 4 game
i'm talking rubbish here because i seriously can't play

in hilmi's car
the three nutcases at the backseat

izzatistar and lek tuan gila

ayien yang kaki lebih kecik dari lengan aku dan lek tuan yang selalu perasan hebat

patutnya ada sorang lagi
tapi xtau dia pegi mana

we played till 3.00pm
ate lunch together at food court
buat bising macam orang gila

we didn't wait for the tournament to finish
izzati dared us to play basketball that evening
2 on 2 basketball challenge
me-lek tuan vs izzati-ayien
the winner would get pizza
guess who won?

me and lek tuan

after playing basketball under scorching hot sun, me and izzati went to futsal court
yesterday was the first time ever i played futsal
gila kaki bangku

that night, my PA invited us to her house for kenduri
we rushed there because she only gave me a call right after maghrib
dapat makan free

went straight to HEP office to key in merit points
i felt disappointed with the system
it seems unfair to me...

went back to my room after 12am
i was light headed by the time i reached my room
but i had to choose elective topics
and the internet was like siput babi
xleh nak buat reference
i chose the topics based on my instinct

hari yang panjang dalam hidup..

hasil xde keje ketika di klinik

sengaja bangun lambat pagi ni sebab malas nak pegi kelas :P
esok rasa cam nak berjalan je
tapi masih belum membuat keputusan

tajuk xde kena mengena dengan entry busuk ini

malam tadi gi makan kat bachok ngan family pakcik yang tiba2 datang kelantan tak bagitau
kami pergi la sampai ke bachok (yang benornya terlepas jalan nak ke pulau melaka)
aku order teh o ais limau
bila air tu dah nak abes, baru aku perasan yang dia tak letak limau pun
tapi ganti dengan asam jawa

what happens if one of these days i am not myself?
what happens if one of these days i am not able to save myself?
what happens if one of these days i am no longer useful?
what happens if one of these days i am going to forget you?
what happens if one of these days i am supposed to leave you?
what happens if one of these days i am...................

he said i was drunk
padahal dia yang blur
event dah abes baru nak tunjuk muka

i showed this picture to the dean
he said, "amboi,manjanya...."
i replied, "hehehe.lalalalala~~"

this time i said to him,
"dr, nak self capture lagi"
he said, "owh.ok"
and tada~~
big smiles for you

i was trying to upload pics from yesterday's event since yesterday
but the wireless here is making me sick of waiting

i was kinda busy during the event
i went in and out from the hall during the presentation
one of the sponsor saw me coming to their table few times
he actually accused me of taking more than one goodie bags when in fact i didn't even take one
he said he saw me in line earlier in the morning
i said, yes, i was in line with other participants because i was talking to them
and i had to deliver messages from the secretariat to the participants
when i returned to that table for the 4th time intending to claim my goodie bag
he said, he was serious
and he didn't allow me to claim mine
i sworn to him that i never take one
he didn't believe me
the girl who's in charge of taking care of his booth almost gave the bag to me
but i just left the table without looking at him

so, yeah
i didn't get goodie bag from that sponsor when everyone was happily carrying that bag

i already have an idea on how to revenge for not believing me

our school has national dental scientific conference today
there were many people coming to our place
it feels great to meeting new people

i was the emcee for opening ceremony
it all went smoothly until the part when the deputy minister talked to me
my speech went here and there

there was a reporter when the deputy minister stopped at where i was standing
he took pictures of us (me, him and several other students)
maybe tomorrow i will be in the paper

tomorrow, our school has big event
a students scientific conference

the deputy KPT will be here to officiate the event

me and kit yan will be the emcees for opening and closing ceremony


*ombak untuk saya*

nak main volleyball..........

another classmate of mine is getting married in may



kalau ada orang tanya, "kamu suka lelaki yang macam mana?"

my answer would be, "oh, aku suka lelaki yang _____________, ____________ dan __________"


had folder checking this morning
xyah risau2 dah pasni sebab dah lepas

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