a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

spending time in kl with the other half and close friends
mm...have to come again next week for job interview, written exam and god knows what
i don't care what will be next. i just can't wait to start working. i'm afraid i will lose my skill if i leave the clinical environment too long. huhu :(

for the record, i watched The A-Team for 3 consecutive days
the movie was great. the storyline was great. i love action movies. weehee~~
Capt HM Murdock is THE MAN!!!
i think Jessica Biel did nothing in the movie except looking pretty. huh!

i am going back to johor tomorrow. muhammad is having fever (according to him) and asked me to come home ASAP. nak pergi jalan-jalan la tu :P

i can't help it that i am doing mental notes on what is the dental treatment plan of strangers i meet everyday. haha. typical dental student. and i still feel awkward if people address me as "doctor". need time to get used to it


i'm home. for good. finally
tapi dah tak boleh duduk diam. asyik nak keluar je. tapi duit takde :P

the grueling 5 years has ended and i am relieved. alhamdulillah~
segala puji bagi Allah kerana telah menjadikan mimpi ini satu kenyataan
to the teachers and colleagues, i am wholly indebted

i can't wait to start working soon. takut skill tumpul la. silap2 nak carve amalgam pun dah lupa
sesiapa nak jadi my patient, sila angkat tangan!!!!!!!


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