a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

i had patient who wanted to take out his lower right back tooth
so , yes, i was ready to do it

after some time, i felt nauseous, i was sweating, my body felt cold and my heart pumped a bit too fast
o my God..no, please, i don't want to faint in the clinic

had to regain my composure before i continued
after few minutes, i gave up
i felt dizzy
told the lecturer to please take over
i was half way done
i sat beside the patient and watched my PA finished my job
i looked like the Cullens i think (motif masuk cite twilight kat sini?)

apologized to the patient because i didn't finish my job
and he apologized me back because he thought it was difficult to take out his tooth
no, it wasn't
it was me not feeling well after donating my blood

i hadn't had proper meals for 2 or 3 days
and i didn't sleep the night before (remember i was super bosan last night?)
and i drank nescafe for breakfast

moral of the story..
eat proper meal, sleep at least 8 hours the night before and don't take caffeinated drinks before you donate your blood
i know all these but being a pigheaded, i just went stone cold and gave my blood

HUSM is having critical deficit in blood supply
yesterday, the Unit Perubatan Tranfusi was holding Blood Donation Day

me and my 3 other classmates went to UPT after morning session ended
had our hemoglobin level checked, blood pressure recorded and took our lunch before giving our blood

our lunch

the classmates

we were happy to give our blood

bukti bagi darah

that's my hand

besar kot jarum dia
terer la nurse tu
x sakit pun masa dia cucuk
last time i donated my blood, i could feel the pain even after the doctor took out my blood

muka gembirakah?

can you see blood coming out from my vein?
i'm A+

second day of oral surgery posting
no patient..
so what did we do in specialist clinic?
took pictures la..

the classmates
merekalah penghibur hati aku....

nampak tak kain tu cam senteng?

it's 2.10 am
and i am still awake
i have a book in front of me
trying very hard to focus but fail..


The Part of You That No One Sees is Paranoid

You are balanced, peaceful, and sincere.

You're the type of person who goes along to get along.

And you're definitely afraid of rocking the boat.

Underneath it all, you fear your world falling apart.

You'll put up with a situation that you don't like in fear of changing it.

Disruptive and forceful people intimidate you - and sometimes exploit you.

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
5. Link the person who tagged you.
6. Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about myself:
1) eat a lot
2) sleep a lot
3) hate crowded places
4) love spicy chicken mcdeluxe (erk!)
5) love white, black, red and purple
6) love maths
7) can smile easily at strangers

6 unspectacular quirks:
1) fat and short
2) face with pimples (eeuuwwww!!)
3) often travel alone
4) loud voice
5) get bored easily
6) impulsive shopper

yang lain2 tu malas nak buat

i always have this kind of feeling where i don't know whether i should trust someone
i am afraid i won't be getting the answer i want to hear
i'm paranoid, i know

so many questions to ask but i don't have the courage to say it
where's my strength when i need it the most?

i think i'm emotional
like i let myself drown in my own emotions
making me breathless
not all the time but almost always

i trust people easily but please don't betray me
do it once and i won't trust that person anymore...

it's raining since yesterday
i love this kind of weather
i just love it...

yesterday, i had clinic
not many patients
i had one for myself
a Thai woman wanted me to take out her tooth
actually, a retained tooth
previously, she went to general dental practice to take out that tooth
but the GDP only managed to take out the crown (fracture la tu...) and left the root inside the socket
the excuse, he/she was afraid because the patient is hypertensive and diabetic
laa....sebelum cabut takut lak eh :P

the patient kept it for almost one year until yesterday..
luckily, the gum was still healthy and the retained tooth was still intact

gave her local anaesthesia
twice, i couldn't inject the solution
baru ku tahu, kalau kena bone, solution tu tak keluar
so, i angulated my syringe and yes, i infiltrated the area

nasib baik agak senang nak cabut gigi tu
tapi sakit pinggang gak la...
mungkin position salah kot
auntie tu pun relaks je
thanks auntie :D

seriously, aku tak faham
apa yang sebenarnya berlaku?
sungguh aku tak tau

key is coming to my campus today

my cell phone goes haywire
i don't know why

looks like i'm gonna get myself a new one
but i don't have enough budget for that
or maybe i just stick with the old one

i am selling t shirts and car stickers

only white is available for our tshirts
it only costs u rm20
oh, there's one thing you should know
there typo on the printed words
ini semua salah orang yang print la
kami dah buat buat cantik2 tau..

and the car sticker
i sell it for rm5

it's for charity..
the profits will go to various HIV related organizations we've been working together for this project
help us to help them
especially the children...

mail me if you are interested
thank you so much

hilmi and jali
they are partners

and me the patient of the day

he was cleaning my teeth
and boy, i was happy

x cantik sunggoh

i was having sensitivity while brushing and gargling
that's why i asked him to put cement on my exposed root
i have recessions at several places in my mouth
maybe because i received orthodontic treatment before.....

these were taken while we were at our lecturer's house for a bbq session 2 weeks ago (lambat seyh aku :P)
it was my idea to have a bbq at her house
i was soo teringin to have bbq

i bought 7 chickens with our rm5 each people
and my lecturer sponsored another 4
we had 11 chickens that night
and their sizes was like sooooo big

the happy faces of my classmates
they ate the sausages before it was served on the table
sangat x aci sebab aku makan sikit jek

the chickens

ikan bakar tawar with air asam

after eating
camwhoring session

at the stairs

same poses except me

dah kenyang

balik pastu terus tido

yesterday afternoon, i had a 10 year old patient
lucky for me because he is so cooperative
and obedient too
thanks hazim :)

i gave oral hygiene instruction to him, did scaling and prophylaxis
and restored his lower front tooth
it was chipped

and i didn't know why, my supervisor was super garang yesterday
i was having palpitations and felt like my chest was going to burst
but i just kept smiling even though it was useless because i was wearing face mask

she kept scolding everyone in my group
sabar ajela....

after i did my restoration on him, i showed to her
and dang!!!
i think there was like 10 bullets entered my heart (overexaggerated :P)
i didn't know my mistake

here's the list:
1)the colour didn't match with the teeth (i think it was because of the acid etchant though)
2)the height was not leveled with its counterpart (i was following the remaining "unchipped" part of the tooth)
3)the mamellons was not built (i didn't know i should use crown former.hahahaha)

lastly, i didn't get to claim my work
i have to redo during next visit.....

me, jun and nana went to see dean after class this morning
we discussed about our coming project

then, the dean started to ask question to nana
"how's clinic?"

nana answered, "so far, okay i think"

he provoked with more questions after
and we told him our problems

jun and nana told him that they have patients who keep on sending text messages to them
tak sangka lak betul2 patient camtu wujud
he gave fatherly advice to us
then he jumped to topic, "do you have boyfriend?"
and we was like, "erk..aaa...hehe"

buleh pulak sharing mering ngan dean eh

i had appointment with the specialist this afternoon
i thought he was going to consult me only
didn't expect for him to prep my tooth straight away

i was given local anaesthesia during the procedure
i dropped a single tear..
last week, 1 cartridge
this afternoon, half cartridge
i apologize to all my patients whom i gave injection
i know how painful it is...

and now, i have temporary crown on my tooth
it looks natural..
but i feel a little weird
maybe it's the unfamiliar feeling
i'll get used to it after some time

so now, i have to wait for the technologist to prepare a permanent porcelain veneer for me

i've been awake for more than 24 hours now
luckily, i didn't feel tired at all
just a mild sleepiness
slept for only 30minutes
i haven't done that since my 2nd year

what happened in the clinic today?
had a patient
pity my patient
i didn't manage to get the secondary impression for her new dentures
i'm so sorry..
both of us were tired of repeating the same steps over and over again
i didn't what's wrong with the material
it set even before i put the tray inside the mouth
had to give another appointment to her for that procedure only

i don't sleep at all last night
just don't feel sleepy which is weird considering the fact that i am a heavy sleeper
this morning lecture is cancelled which i wasn't being told by my classmates
clinic starts at 9.15am
and now i have started to feel sleepy......

my hostel was dark this morning
i didn't know what time it started
woke up at 9.30am and realized the fan was not spinning

my classmate asked me to report
she gave me her cell and called the security department

once the guard answered the phone, i straight away told him that the hostel had no electricity
without saying Assalamualaikum

then the pakcik asked me, "since when?"
i answered, "this morning"
"no, dm3 was bright this morning. it couldn't be"
then i said, "i didn't know. i just woke up"
and he continued to membebel, "just woke up?ooo...you must be mommy's daughter"
i was annoyed at him. really annoyed
yes, i am mommy's daughter. who else could it be?
"oh, had woken up earlier but i just ignored it. thought it will be okay after few minutes. but now, i feel hot. that's why i'm calling"
"oo...hot isn't it?woke up because you feel hot and the fan is not spinning. nevermind, i will tell the electrician to come over okay. by the way who is this?"
"should i give you my name?"
"err...in what year are you now?"
"year 4"

bobgek sungguh
nak membebel kat aku pagi2 buta
letrik tetap gak xde sampaila pukul 3

these were taken last week. me and my friends were having fun together playing around like a bunch of school kid.

we don't hang out much nowadays
when we find time to be together, i cherish every single minute of it

they are my family here
and i love them

i know, sometimes, i'm being sarcastic to you
or ignoring every thing you said
but yeah, you know me..
i don't know how to express myself


galah panjang time!!

if you happy and you know it
jump in the air

multiple expressions

volley bolley

yang ni main monyet2
hahaha xD

more like ready to have a fight :P

ice cream soda
pepsi cola
buatan malaysia
korang pernah main x?

bersedia untuk bukak langkah besar-besar

peluk tiang

i slept early every night
or just fell like sleep early

before eating

lauk pauk

the classmates with foster family

after enjoying mangga muda

mangga muda time!!!

yang mengupasnya sorang, yang menghulur ramai
camno tu?

mangsa kerakusan kanak-kanak mengidam
muahahahah xD

sodap ko
sampai menjilat jari
ada pulak kicap+gula+cili

itu saya sedang menikmati biji mangga muda yang kukupas

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