a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

the pictures above were taken while waiting for key to fetch me.
i just love making faces xD

it's been raining since morning
had a date with key. hehe
asked her to accompany me to buy new shoes for class
kasut yang ada sekarang tapaknya dah tertanggal :(

she fetched me at hostel around 3pm. withdrew money from bank islam (tinggal sikit je...) and went to kb mall

went from one shop to another until i found one at the last shop
took it and headed to mcDonald's

i haven't had any meal since last night and i was damn hungry
i ordered mcvalue meal spicy chicken mcdeluxe and key order cheeseburger, mcshaker and mcflurry

we chatted along the way. we talked on the issue that's been going on in the forum. tak sangka sampai jadi camtu..

had a look at my watch. it's 5.30pm but the sky outside was gloomy like it was already 7pm
on our way back, i asked her to stop for awhile at maybank. had to bank in some cash (lebur....)
reached hostel at 6.30pm and bid her goodbye

hope to see you again
maybe we can go to to youth 09 together
i really want to join the crowd there
where is my free pass?....

this was what i had for dinner last night. cooked it at 1am. i was so hungry

the porridge. not to forget hot nescafe :)

i was talking to my partner when another friend of mine took this photo :P

the pictures above showed me checking into the mouth of my CFCS patient. you can see that he is small for his age. i didn't have the intraoral pictures. forgot to ask my friend to take one

i;m so hungry right now
my last meal was around 3pm
and now it is 1am
i'm waiting for my instant porridge to be ready
to go with that is a cup of hot nescafe

currently, i'm blogging in alang's room with two other friends. we are enjoying hindi video clips. hahaha
while checking on facebook, youthsays and stars online
haven't read any news for quite some time. not that i don't care what happens around me. it's just that i found the news are kinda boring. that's my point of view.
i'm having a cup of hot boh blackcurrant tea.

don't know what else to do
i'm waiting for the clock to struck 12am so i can youtube-ing myself :P

went out with 2 of my friends last night
dama wanted to borong the whole tesco :P

she bought so many things plus ingredients for her cooking
sausages, chicken breast, tuna, salad, onion, garlic, bbq sauce, hp sauce, bla bla bla
we spent 3 hours at tesco and there were so many people there
it made me feel dizzy. i never like crowded places

then, we headed to a restaurant
once we parked our car in front of it, all the people there turned their heads and looked at us
pelik sungguh...i don't understand why they looked at us
we walked into the restaurant. it was full and that's when it became obvious they were staring at us because we were standing while they were all sitting at their tables

took our spot and placed our order
there was confusion between what we ordered and the waiter
"nasi putih dengan ayam kicap, bungkus. nasi putih dengan tomyam, bungkus. nasi goreng kampung, bungkus. bihun tomyam ayam, makan dengan nasi putih dengan ayam kicap, makan."
the waiter told us that we had to wait for our order because there were many customers.

30 minutes later, the waiter put our bungkus order on our table.
we chatted and chatted until 11.30pm. my friend was complaining why haven't our order arrived yet. i took a look into the plastic bags. why were i seeing a bihun tomyam in it?
kesian zanna, dia sangat lapar. tapi rupa-rupanya makanan dia ada dalam plastik itu. budak tu ingat nak bungkus semua.ish3

went back to our hostel at 12am.
dama started cooking at 1am. i was too sleepy to stay awake. didin't offer any help. only zanna and dama did the cooking :P

they woke me up at 5am to eat chicken breast and tuna sandwich
what took they so long to cook? i didn't ask

had my sandwich while watching madagascar and continued sleeping on dama's bed.

what's inside?
chicken hotdog, tuna, slad, cheery tomatoes, onion and chicken breast

this afternoon clinical session, i called my patient for community and family case study (CFCS) to come up to clinic.

he is a 13 year old boy. he's been diagnosed to have complete cyanotic heart disease since 3 months old. his parents defaulted treatment for his worsening heart condition due to financial problem. his father is a lorry driver while his mother sells food at a small stall. he always absent from school because of his condition. he could not play with his friends because he easily get tired and breathless. he didn't perform well in UPSR. currently, he is on folate, fumarate and multivitamin. not on antiheart failure drugs. and yes, the heart is worsening day by day. i take him and his family as my foster family for CFCS so all the family members will receive free health and dental treatment from HUSM.

this afternoon, i checked his mouth and teeth condition. generally, he looks small for his age. people might think that he is a 6 year old boy rather than 13. the skin is blue due to low oxygen level in his blood. when i asked his mother about his diet, he only eats rice with prawn in a very little amount. he doesn't brush his teeth so you can imagine his dental condition. multiple caries lesion with root stumps (teeth with no crowns, only root left) and the enamels (the hardest and outermost part of a tooth) are all hypoplastic (less mineralized due to low fluoride content in enamel structure and frequent acid attack). i was stunned when i looked into his mouth. kesiannya....

i presented the case to our supervisor. definitive treatment is to remove all teeth under general anaesthesia in operation theatre. i might have to issue denture for him. he has to be referred to the specialist becaus it is high risk case.

the doctor told his mother, "biasanya orang macam ni memang tak hidup lama. dah ramai patients saya meninggal umur 11-12 tahun sebab masalah jantung." berderau darah aku dengar doctor cakap camtu.

dia memang tak nak gosok gigi. nak ajar gosok gigi pun tak nak. habis equipment kat dental chair tu dia buat main. kesian tengok dia. adik dia yang umur 8 tahun tu lagi besar dari dia. masalahnya, parents dia macam tak kisah sangat. tu yang buat aku makin sedih.

normal heart

this patient has only one ventricle, with complete closure of the valves

lecture..couldn't remember the topic of the lecture :P

rounded eyes~~
obvious apple of the cheeks

painted nails
it's actually lilac. not pink
xde keje namanya
padahal ada je assignment and homework and reading to do

my favourite colours are

deep red
and purple

what is your favourite colour?

today's schedule was not hectic as any other day
my group had only presentations of dental health education talk in the morning and oral pathology practical session
because we were unable to finish our discussion during 8.15am session, the slot was postponed to 5.515pm until 6.45pm
i didn't complain about it though (this was not our first time having a 5pm lecture) because the lecturer in charge of our discussion is interesting
i paid attention during the session except when the first presenter presenting her topic. (i rarely pay attention in class :P)
the topic she presented was lengthy. even the slides were all wordy :P
went to cafe, no food left
i guess, i will only have instant noodle for my dinner

suci sehelai kain putih
tiada cela, tiada noda

suci sehelai kain putih
terhampar menanti untuk dilukis

suci sehelai kain putih
umpama sucinya bayi yang tiada dosa

suci sehelai kain putih
tercemar dek rakusnya perilaku si empunya

suci sehelai kain putih
tebal berdebu dek si empunya yang alpa

suci sehelai kain putih
terbang jauh dibawa ribut

suddenly i have few assignments to be done
where do they come from?
i don't have assignments before this

i called my sister just now
had a chat with her bla bla bla
she bought a novel for me
thanks sis :)

then, she passed the phone to my mother
i told her that i came back late today, went to the lab and bla bla bla
she soothed me with her words like mothers always do
suddenly she jumped into this topic

ayat lebih kurang camni la..
"takpela..kejap je lagi nak habis belajar. pastu dah kerja. jangan kahwin dulu. umur 30 baru kahwin. biar adik kahwin dulu. boyfriend adik kan anak orang kaya"

i totally agree with her

mak aku pun kahwin lambat dulu

i presented the topic today confidently
even the lecturer said it was a very good presentation
the truth is, i didn't read about the topic much
i only had a glance of the slides this morning while having my breakfast
goreng abes la kiranya ni...

but still there were questions which i couldn't answer
and that become my homework

i have an ulcer
small size located at hard palate
i have painful swallowing

i always have ulcers at unusual places
before this at the far end of the throat
i couldn't even swallow my saliva
it was so painful

guess i have to drink more water
maybe 1.5L is not enough for me

i'll be presenting this topic for this morning knowledge development session
don't know much about the topic
i just volunteer to present

pip and seha the roommies


we bought ingredients for cooking at tesco. haha

newly bought slippers. can u see pacman?

went out with my friends. spending time together.

no idea actually

kinda blurred lately
don't know what to do
sleeping all the time
and yes, it's raining season
planned for spring cleaning since last week but haven't done anything yet :P

went out for dinner with two of my friends last night
we rented a car because it was raining heavily
on our way back, we stopped at 7 eleven
i turned off the light, wiper and took out the car key
tapi boleh pulak enjin keta tu hidup lagi
tak jadi semua nak turun
berlari jap masuk 7E dan terus keluar
masuk keta je, "eh, enjin dah mati?"
seha, "aah, tak lama pas ko kuar, enjin pun mati"

asal camtu ha?

andai kau menangis
akan aku pinjamkan bahu
buatmu sandarkan kepalamu
agar lega segala deritamu

andai kau jatuh
akan aku berlari menyambutmu
biar kakiku pincang
aku rela asalkan kau tidak jatuh lagi

andai kau sedang marah
akan aku jadi tempat untuk kau melampiaskan gerammu
lebih baik begitu
agar kau tidak bermusuhan

butir bicara yang kususun
diharap tidak akan melukakan hati kecilmu

halus perlakuanku terhadapmu
diharap akan melembutkan hati kerasmu

senyuman yang kulemparkan
diharap dapat mewarnai harimu

semoga pengorbananku ini berbalas
dengan kau jadi lebih baik
insan sempurna untuk manusia yang menyayangimu

had a patient this morning
a 54 year old man
he's been smoking for almost 30 years until now
he smokes about 20 cigarettes per day
he did mention the brand but i couldn't recall the brand
he had a very bad breath
i was still able to smell it even i wore face mask while examining him
nasib baik la pakai mask, kalau x mesti kecik ati dia
maaf la....tapi kuat sangat bau rokok

stop the AIDS prejudice

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life saving emergency procedure for a person whose heart has stopped or is no longer breathing. It can maintain circulation and breathing until emergency medical help arrives.

It involves two important actions; chest compression and mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing.

When suddenly a person collapses, you, who happens to be near the victim, either trained or untrained, should perform CPR.

Here's the latest advice from the American Heart Association:

  • Untrained. If you're not trained in CPR, then provide hands-only CPR. That means uninterrupted chest presses of about two per second until paramedics arrive. You don't need to try rescue breathing.
  • Trained, and ready to go. If you're well trained, and confident in your ability, then you can opt for one of two approaches: 1. Alternate between 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths, or 2. Just do chest compressions.
  • Trained, but rusty. If you've previously received CPR training, but you're not confident in your abilities, then it's fine to do just chest compressions.
CPR can keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other vital organs until more definitive medical treatment can restore a normal heart rhythm.

Before you begin
Assess the situation before starting CPR:

  • Is the person conscious or unconscious?
  • If the person appears unconscious, tap or shake his or her shoulder and ask loudly, "Are you OK?"
  • If the person doesn't respond and two people are available, one should call 911 or the local emergency number and one should begin CPR. If you are alone and have immediate access to a telephone, call 911 before beginning CPR — unless you think the person has become unresponsive because of suffocation (such as from drowning). In this special case, begin CPR for one minute and then call 911.
  • If an AED is immediately available, deliver one shock if advised by the device, then begin CPR.

Remember the ABCs
Think ABC — Airway, Breathing and Circulation

Move quickly through Airway and Breathing to begin chest compressions to restore circulation.

click here for illustrated aids

remember last time i told that my friends were taking impressions of my teeth?
i've made the model and the technician had waxed up the desired teeth

the original plan was to built only 12 to be 11
after i showed the model to the lecturer, the plan changed to built up 3 teeth

original canine (13) will be altered to be second incisor (gigi kacip kedua)
original premolar(14 or geraham kecil pertama) will be altered to be canine
there is another plan as well but i prefer to keep it to myself

i am going to have porcelain veneer which costs RM900+ in private practice per tooth but i get 3 teeth done FOC :D

nikki's new single

Kata akhir selamat tinggal
Keputusanku bukan kejutan
Inilah yang terbaik buat diriku dan dirimu
Kini kau bebas pergi

Usah ditanya mengapa
Kau tahu jawapannya
Usahlah lagi kau berpura pura
Muakku dengan sikapmu
Yang tidak pernah jujur
Permainkan hati dan perasaan
Ku lepaskan kau pergi

Jangan cuba kau merayu
Tiada lagi peluang sudah terlewat

Usah ditanya mengapa
Kau tahu jawapannya
Usahlah lagi kau berpura pura
Muakku dengan sikapmu
Yang tidak pernah jujur
Permainkan hati dan perasaan

Biarku tanggung semuanya
Dari hidup merana
Ku doakan kau bahagia dengannya
Ku lepaskan kau pergi
Ku lepaskan kau pergi
Selamat tinggal

i had a patient this afternoon
took xray of his lower right back teeth after he complained of pain on chewing. i thought it was secondary caries but no luscency found in the radiograph.

i took the wrong xray actually. didn't know that there is specific xray holder to shoot periapical region. i took bitewing instead. when i showed it to her, she said, "kenapa amik bitewing? kan saya suruh amik PA."

the lecturer in charge asked me to proceed with scaling. while i was doing my job, she said to me, "nanti saya nak tulis dalam logbook, "student degil. tak dengar arahan." lain yang saya suruh, lain yang awak buat".

i just smiled to her. dalam hati, sabar ajela....

i did full mouth scaling when she said "tak siap scaling lagi? kan sikit je...". she meant that i did scaling on that particular area only. how should i know?....

i proceeded to do class I amalgam restoration on buccal pit of 48. only a minor cavity. the caries was arrested. no need to explore further.

went to the lab to build model for yesterday's patient. didn't manage to do special tray. hadn't perform Asar and it was almost 6pm. so, i went back. bought iced tea and cekodok pisang on the way back.

this is rack. the only rack i have in this room. there's another shelf at the very bottom of the rack. i put my food stuff and the unused things. it was disorganized, i know. but, i don't know where else to put my stuff.

i did the laundry on saturday. the weather was cloudy. so put them at lines below my building where i lived now. thought they dried but not. so i hung them in my room instead :P

now, this is my place. hehe


* Take a recent photo of yourself OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
* DONT change your clothes. DON'T fix your hair, just take a picture.
* Post that picture with NO editing.
* Post this instruction with your picture.
*Tag 5 people to do this

i tag YOU :


today, i had 2 patients came in for construction of new dentures
they are husband and wife. i didn't know the husband would bring along his wife to the clinic. luckily, my other patient didn't manage to come for the appointment.

i clerked the husband first, presented the case to my supervisor and proceeded to take primary impression.
it was my first time. whoaaaa!!
i had to repeat the procedure 5 times for upper jaw and 2 times for the lower jaw.
i showed the impression to dr ali. told him, i used 4 scoops of alginate and he shook his head. that was 2nd try. he said that it was okay and asked me to proceed for the lower jaw.

the lower one was quite easy for me. 2 times and it was perfect.

my supervisor asked me to show the upper impression. he said, i had to do it again. not enough sulcus marked.

the 3rd time was a failure. the 4th time was acceptable from my observation. i showed dr ali, he mocked me this time. "how many scoops did you use? 6 scoops?" :P. i used only 3 scoops okay :D.

it was not satisfactory though. had to repeat for the fifth time then only my supervisor satisfied.
sorry pakcik for making you suffer through the procedure :P

then, i clerked the wife but didn't manage to take the impression. it was already 4.30pm. i had to discharge the patient and gave them another appointment.

this morning, my partner had 2 patients too. i stood for 3 hours. it made my soles hurt.

i cooked lunch for pipah, seha and nurin
sardin ayam brand with black pepper

the youthsays community are having a meet up at cineleisure damansara today
they got free tickets for movie premier "QUARANTINE" followed by lunch and ice breaking session
i am damn jealous!!

jap lagi kena kutuk ngan nazeef sebab mintak simpati
muahahahhahaha :DD

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