a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

ok. aku bosan
hidup xde life tapi dengan penuh berdisiplin aku berjaya menyiapkan report dalam masa 2 hari
itu pencapaian yang membanggakan bagi diri aku yang terkenal dengan malas and last minute lady

malam tadi bermimpi dimarahi lecturer-in-charge in prosthodontics discipline
gila horror mimpi pasal requirement malam2

pakcik makcikku ke mekah buat umrah
semoga wak selamat pergi dan sampai :)

belum call patient untuk petang ni la
aish!! (ketuk kepala sendiri)

mau makan chocolate banyak2

sila garu kepala sebab post ini merepek

next week kena pergi penang
bukan jalan2 tapi ke loji fluoride

bridge aku sudah hampir siap
*padahal dah berlambak orang issue bridge :P*

this is another episode of me pulling myself down....

physically and mentally exhausted
i am not sure how to carry myself again
one incident after another left me disorganized

6 weeks to go
can i finish my requirements?
still have many things to complete
my schedule is tight and i don't know where to squeeze in
sometimes, i wonder, "do i really want to do this?"

haven't cried for some time
i am wearing a happy facial expression to class everyday
i cannot face the lecturers without thinking "can i sit for the final exam?"

why am i feeling so hard to do things i initially like?
i feel like a burden

i want to run away but that will only make things worst

i need guidance
and support
and please help me stand whenever i fall....

i had no patient for afternoon session
i purposely didn't call any patient after both my patients could not come today
i am tired this whole week. i don't know why

since last week, i felt something weird in my mouth
my tongue could feel something attached on my upper back tooth
so, i asked my friend to do scaling for me
i think, the last time i did one was when i was 2nd year student :P
now i know how patients feel when they are on dental chair (after not getting a proper dental treatment for more than 2 years)
up until now, i can still feel discomfort at my left jaw joint
sakit lenguh...
kesian aku. selalu buli patient, ni la akibatnya :P

i am thinking of removing that tooth because it is difficult for me to reach it during toothbrushing
anybody wants to do extraction for me?

oh ya! i performed minor oral surgery yesterday
i managed to anaesthesize the right place
(dah lama x inject kat tempat tu :P)
within 1 hour, i finished the procedure
ok la tu for a beginner like me :)

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