a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

woke up early and played volleyball for suka2
returned to the room and slept till 5.30pm

have another meeting tonight
for graduation night....

i met the dean after class yesterday
we talked about many things
and he asked me "what is the quality of an APEX students?"
i was "err......."
and smiled sheepishly

i had 2 pediatric patients yesterday
one is 11 years old boy and another one is 6 years old girl

i took out 2 teeth from the boy's mouth
both teeth were mobile already
and he had complained of toothache before
plan is, to extract and issue space maintainer

the girl, i only managed to take history and OPG
she resisted my hands and my supervisor's hands while trying to take bitewings
then, she cried
xtau dah nak pujuk camne...
lain ke ain

i need to get out from this place
but i don't know when


i have meeting with the dean this afternoon
don't have a clue about the agenda
abes la aku.....

i have to manage 2 sports carnival

i have to think about income of our students society

i have to come out with a plan for graduation night

i have patients to manage

i have oral pathology/medicine quiz next week

and the list goes on and on and on..........

just finished reading the twilight series

i like Breaking Dawn than any of the series
but it lacks action
perhaps because the writer is a woman


i am the MANAGER


so i had a patient today
so i did primary impression today
so i did not get good impression today
so i just ignored your smirk
so you didn't help me like you did last week
so i had to pour the impression and ended up disastrous

so you are not handsome anymore


okay, i'm not in the mood for a hi-my-name-is-jennifer lopez-what's-your-name?

there's one girl from sri lanka added me on skype
fine, i accepted
and then what?
you expect me to be nice with you when you greeted me at the wrong time?

i have things to do rather than spending time with you, okay

what's with your nonsense about "why are you avoiding me?" and stuff like that
like she's been nagging me everytime she had the chance

excuse me, girl
you claimed you are a student
so am i

so please understand me


dah lama tak panggil "ayah"


so what if i'm fat?....

i want to confess

i'm afraid of height
(i walk real slow when i descend from stairs)

asal aku rasa life aku makin bosan?......

we had oral pathology session yesterday afternoon
i didn't bring my colour pencil
so i just wandered around in the lab

the lecturer called "farah" instead of farha
pape jela...

i did scaling for my chronic periodontitis patient
bad for me
his breath was still smelly
and oral hygiene was not improved from previous visit

now, including him
i have 4 cases of root canal treatment

nothing much happened last sunday
only did jaw relation record for the husband of my last week's patient
lucky me, it' straightforward case

semalam ada inventori kat klinik
start kul 8.30am
tapi sebab bangun lambat, sampai2 dah dekat pukul 10am

kemas2 la barang and chair
check barang hilang
kilatkan instruments

pastu naik lab
nak siapkan upper removable appliances and ortho model
serabut la..

banyak kali kena trim dan tambah
sampai tensen sangat, terus give up
lantak la
xyah nak buat elok2

i skipped breakfast and lunch
keluar dari lab kul 5.50pm
terus pergi ke kedai uncle
nak makan nasi uncle
jalan kaki sorang2 sambil bawak white coat (buduss betul :P)
tunggu uncle goreng ayam
dan amik ayam yang paling besar

balik bilik, salin baju, sembahyang
dan terus makan sambil tengok CSI
tunggu maghrib
dan terus tidur

ku tidak larat....




i was having difficulty during yesterday's clinical session
almost gave up because of that

i asked help from the master student
he helped me with my problem
i was watching him recording jaw relation and bite
it was a tough job

lucky for me, he was handsome
i cuci mata throughout the session
*abes la kena kutuk ngan nurul pasni :P*

so yeah, i did learn something
my patient was difficult because she just could not stay still
my mood went upside down because of the patient
and that master student also
because he kept asking me to add or reduce the wax level

janji dapat tengok muka doktor handsome

i had dreams last two nights
it was a sweet dream ;)

i was being asked to go out with 2 gorgeous men
and i accepted both invitation


i was super exhausted yesterday because i did the same thing since morning till 5pm
and i had lecture at 5.30pm with the dean
after that, i had some discussion with him till around 7.15pm

balik ke bilik hanya selepas azan maghrib berkumandang

aku sangat penat sehingga kepalaku pusing
telan panadol sebiji dan terus tidur

tomorrow we have seminar at 8.15am
and i haven't prepared the presentation yet


i made that pudding

the birthday girls

wicked clan of usmkk

the baby

the mother

the family

the aunt

congratulations to


for the birth of their baby boy yesterday morning at 7.08am
the baby weighs 2.82kg
both mother and baby are healthy

the baby is named

this was taken when i was home
me and my sister went out for ice cream and waffles
i didn't want to get out of the car at first, but i changed my mind
once i stepped out, i could feel people were looking at me
i just walked and ignored the stares

i'm proud of myself today

after being jobless since before holiday, i was happy that my patient came for treatment today
he is good and cooperative
i taught him proper technique of tooth brushing
and he practices it

so, i did restore his teeth
3 teeth in one session is a big deal for me okay

hey...i forgot to take his photo
that is for my case presentation

i've been thinking about this since i don't know when

organ donation

i want to donate my organs
heart, lungs, kidneys, liver even skin

only time will tell

lecture for this morning was cancelled
and i'm taking my sweet time sipping coffee while reading the news

mother made curry mee and roti jala for me
heavenly delicious~~

didn't eat much though because we did the cooking at grandma's house
not enough to tapau

tapi memang sedap

almost missed 10am bus from penang to johor on the 25th
woke up at 9am
quickly took a shower and dressed
dama sent me to the bus station
the ticket was rm70
ada ura2 harga tiket bas nak naik lagi ni..
habis la...

the bus entered pudu and we waited for almost 2 hours before the next passengers from kl got aboard
the driver didn't stop for lunch
i was hungry that time
i didn't know we would wait for that long
if only i knew i would find something to eat

departed at 4pm
the traffic was heavy

arrived larkin at 8pm
mother fetched me there
i whined because my stomach was empty

gambar x cantek

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