a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

petang semalam selepas habis merawat patient, saya telah menghantar pesanan ringkas kepada ibu saya yang berada di johor

saya: momi monster!!
ibu:ye babe monster. wassup
(saya sudah tergelak besar ketika menerima mesej itu)
saya: babe baru habis klinik la. jap lagi nak pegi lab. ganas ibu :P
ibu: tau xpe. mak dayat anak cikgu tarikun meninggal jumaat lepas. ari ni jiran depan umah nyai pulak
saya: kenapa meninggal?
ibu: xtau sbbnya. ibu lum sempat nak sembang dgn cikgu tarikun lg
saya: kenapa x bgtau awal?
ibu: kes lupala
saya: apala ibu ni
ibu: wargaemas mmg cmtu. sowi
saya: klala la ibu ni
ibu: hehe

ye. itu perbualan antara saya dan ibu saya petang semalam
rasa mahu balik rumah sahaja minggu ni. muhammad sudah masuk sekolah minggu depan.

did RCT in the morning. alhamdulillah, no problem occurred.
managed to obturate the premolar and i restored the tooth with permanent restoration
did Class II composite restoration and i was satisfied with the result
cantik untuk beginner macam aku. *wink*

during afternoon session, i planned to obturate another case
this one was a disaster *erk!*
i failed to obturate properly and the supervisor asked to start from the beginning
when i told patient that i had to redo the whole procedure, she refused and requested for extraction
aku redha je x dapat buat RCT molar tapi xpela. aku pun x larat nak redo semua

and the time came when i pull out the tooth, prapppp!!
i fractured the root
this, i expected because endo treated tooth is weak
turned out from RCT, became extraction and finished with MOS at 5.45pm
kalau buleh claim semua kan bagus
berangan!! hahahaha

pagi ini mahu pergi ke rumah orang tua untuk bagi oral health education
mesti penat. dengar khabar kat tumpat

i am slowly gaining my confidence and faith in myself
and i hope it will last
longer than before
better than before

2 days spent in kl managed to distract my focus on study or clinical stuffs
yesterday, i was here for a wedding reception
she's my lecturer and ex-PA
congratulations doctor!

i cried my heart out when i with him and seha
i am so depressed with what's going on with my life
it is so stressful that i am thinking of seeing a psychiatrist so i can manage my stress

i know sometimes it is just a little out of line thing that made me cry but considering the burden i've been carrying on my shoulder and have nobody to talk to, it makes me sad
i am trying my best to distract myself from this burden but i can't

i need a kick start for me to move on
exam is in 2 weeks time and i don't think i have enough time to cover all the topics

i am praying but i guess it is not enough
God, help me

mommy, i miss you
ayah, i miss you so much~
and to the sibs, please pray for me. kakak sayang korang tapi kakak x tunjuk
dear, i need you to comfort me

please, i need strength because i know i can do this

yesterday was a long day for me
i had to go to ward for morning round and found out that the round only started at 8.45am
nevermind, at least i had time to cover cases

then, it was our turn for MOS clinic
2 patient failed to come. thus, only 1 of us manage to assist minor oral surgery
the rest, just observed (at least)
that went on until 1.30pm

went straight to musalla and came down to clinic at 2
i had patient and planned for RCT
if you ever have experienced this, you will know that RCT is a long and meticulous procedure
finished at 5.30pm
then, me and gee went again to ward to clerk one case for our oral pathology/medicine session
we were at the ward until 7pm

walked back to hostel and rushed things
because we had student seminar at 8.30pm
i overslept but still came to class
and they tortured me (mentally at least) because the class dragged till 10.30pm

i hadn't had proper meals since morning
so i guessed, why don't i go to kfc to grab something quick
turned out i was wrong

the queue was long
the service was slow
i had to wait until 11.15pm to get my order done

and there you go. breakfast, lunch and dinner crammed into 1

and i slept soundly after that only to realize this morning that i received 2 missed calls from my colleagues
when i asked him this morning why did he call me
he said, "we have one trauma case last night. allleged assault"
damn!!! i missed my on call.........

i am in need of comfort and love
mommy, i need you~

on the contrary, i am about to go out for window shopping *what??*
i just can not tahan myself from browsing through racks of shoes and clothes
biarlah walaupun di kb mall
for the past few days, i have been bloghopping to fill the need of looking at beautiful clothes,accessories, bags and shawls
haha. silly me

semalam, kami ke rumah family cfcs aku di kedai lalat (agaknya)
pergi semata-mata nak makan. hehe
tapi kami sampai lambat
janji pukul 2, tapi sampai pukul 3
bila sampai diorang dah habis makan

sesampainya kami, sembang sikit2 dan mereka pun menghidangkan lauk
wahhhh!!!banyaknya lauk...
kami teruja kerana kami tahu masakan mak angkat aku memang sedap

ada lauk ikan siakap percik (heaven~~), udang goreng dengan sayur, kari ayam (sedap~~), kacang botor dengan sambal belacan (pedas habis la) dan juga ikan kering
masing-masing tambah nasi 2 kali
memang sedap

kami semua menunggu lain kali untuk diajak datang makan kat rumah

i have browsing through my friends' photos when i realized that we've grown up
we all have become someone w never thought we could be when we were in school
most of them have graduated and few have married
while i am still here :P

i even had the thought "why i didn't do well in my SPM trial? if not, i wouldn't be here". i have planned out my journey that i would be doing my first degree in NZ.
but i guess, Allah knows better
fret not, i am still grateful that i am here and still doing things that i love even thought there were times when i felt that i am a useless brat

they have changed so much
i'm not sure whether they still remember as their schoolmate because i didn't really have many friends back then
i'm just a person they've known once then

nevertheless, i still hope that i can meet all of them one day

piles and tonnes of work to be done
less and less time available
more and more distractions appearing
why and why this is happening?

good morning~
(xde modal dah :P)

tidur lambat malam tadi gara-gara facebook-ing
sebabnya, terjumpa page old classmates masa kat muar dulu dan agak terkejut melihat banyak perubahan yang tak disangka-sangka
hasilnya, pagi ini bangun dengan penuh rasa malas dan mata masih lagi berair menahan ngantuk
kejap lagi nak buat RCT ni

sarapan dulu ye

how many times should we brush our teeth?
answer: at least twice daily. once in the morning and before bed. by before bed, i mean, after your last meal and you are sure that you are not taking any food after that. if you do, please feel free to brush your teeth once again.

how do i choose my toothbrush?
answer: please use soft-bristled toothbrush. full stop. and please use fluoridated toothpaste because fluoride will make your teeth more resistant to acid attack.

can i use mouth rinse?
answer: yes, you can. but do not substitute tooth brushing with mouth rinsing. mouth rinsing alone will do nothing good. tooth brushing coupled with flossing is the best method to maintain your oral hygiene.

i always forget to bring my toothbrush wherever i go? how can i maintain my oral hygiene if i go outing?
answer: tooth brushing after every meal is recommended but this is not practical. what you can do is, rinse with tap water after you eat. this will at least remove any food particle and debris. and please drink plenty of plain water to neutralize the acid formed every time you eat.

why my gum always bleed every time i brush my teeth?
answer: because your gum is inflamed. in other word, you have gingivitis. it is caused by plaque formed after you eat. plaque can be removed by tooth brushing and flossing. consult your dentist for the correct tooth brushing technique. accumulated plaque sometimes hardens and become calculus. calculus can only be removed by scaling.

korang sakit hati x bila korang dah beratur nak bayar barang kat kaunter, pastu ada makhluk potong queue?

benda ni berlaku kat kitorang semalam. kat tesco. jam 7pm
line memang tengah panjang. kaunter pulak x banyak yang bukak
redha jela amik line panjang nak bayar barang2 kitorang yang x seberapa ni kan

sedang kitorang berborak sambil tunggu turn nak bayar, elok je makcik ni bawak troli dengan niat nak potong queue. depan aku pulak tu
ewah2..banyak cantik
terus aku menjeling kat dia dengan maksud tersirat, "pehal lak kau nak potong line aku?x reti beratur ke?"
tapi aku diam jela kan...

kebetulan pulak, belakang kitorang dah ada yang sambung queue dan belakang makcik tu pun ada orang sambung queue
habis tu camne?

bila orang depan dah gerak sikit, makcik tu pun tolak troli dia ke depan aku
wahhh!!ingat aku nak bagi can ke? xde maknanya
dengan pantas, aku angkat bakul dan tolak troli makcik tu ke belakang
aku x paham dengan makcik tu kenapa dia mesti tolak2 troli dia kat aku dan tuduh anak dia yang masih kecik, "adik, jangan tolak2. kena orang nanti!"
eh, biar betul kan. dah buat salah xnak mengaku pulak

bila orang depan dah keluarkan barang2 dia yang sangat banyak tu kan, dengan cepat aku terus melangkah ke depan troli makcik tu sambil melaung kat kawan2 yang lain, "eh korang. meh sini barang2 korang. aku bayarkan dulu."

lelaki kat belakang kitorang ada sound makcik tu sedas, "beratur la. apa pulak potong barisan ni? orang lain dah beratur ni"
makcik tu boleh jawab, "manade potong barisan. kita dah lama berdiri kat sini, kata kita potong barisan pulak."

aku diam je sebab aku berjaya menanda territory pembayaran aku dan buat makcik tu bengang.
bengong punya orang. dah la bawak 3 troli pastu nak potong queue pulak
keluar surau, nampak lagi makcik tu
aku pun tenung je dia dengan pandangan menusuk kalbu sampai aku blah
hahahahahahaha!!!!! padan muka

i have been craving for something sweet for the past few days
nothing can satisfy my crave for carbonated drinks and secret recipe's cakes
right after class, i went to tesco with my classmates and dined at KFC
i ordered large drink instead of regular
and guess what? i asked my friends to go to 7eleven so i could have another dose of pepsi
plan was to buy cold drink and chips and spend time watching movies
told you, i bought the big gulp of pepsi
silly me. let me be for just this time
it's not that i regularly gulp carbonated drink

i shared something which was out of people's thinking with my friends
and when everything seems so smooth and perfect, there is something crooked somewhere in the middle

demam dan x larat nak buat apa2 melainkan baring dan tidur
dari semalam lagi dah mula rasa tekak x selesa
bila tengok dalam cermin, pharynx nampak merah instead of pink
tonsils ok. x membesar
diagnosis untuk diri sendiri ialah pharyngitis

bila bangun tidur pagi ni, suara dah xde
ada pun, macam x boleh nak keluar
badan rasa panas, tekak kering, dada rasa sesak
ada selsema pulak tu
confirm demam

pergi student klinik tadi, doktor kata ada URTI
ada 5 ubat kena makan
PCM, amoxycillin, tripolidine, diphenhydramine syrup dan juga difflam mouthwash
tripolidine dan diphenhydramine syrup akan menyebabkan mengantuk
maka saya pun tidak akan ke klinik hari ini sebab takut salah drill gigi. huhu
lagipun, hari ni kena treat pediatric patient
takut jangkitkan kat diorang je..

i feel sleepy even after 6 hours of sleep
there is a presentation i have to prepare but i haven't reach anywhere near half
bluekk :P

from day to day, i don't have the mood to go to clinic
i feel tired
the feeling is overwhelming

it's breakfast again
same menu, bread and cheese and hot nescafe

i plan to do post and core this morning
please pray for me that i am able to remove all the GP
i have been doing the same thing for 2 visits which is wasting time
my friend had issued her first crown
makes me super jealous and i don't feel good about it


those are the topics i have to cover for my presentation this week
what should i put in my slides?
i don't read law
OMG! i am gonna die

i always wanted to go to the beach wearing flowy maxi dress with straw hat and t-bar sandal
and of course a pair of huge shades (which i doubt i could wear it because i am nearly blind :P)

i always love the sound of the wave hitting the sand and fresh breeze caressing the cheeks
and the warmth of the sand is just so relaxing

makes me feel like spending some time at the beach
and losing myself in a blissful surrounding

wearing something like this would be fun ;)

if i wear this, will you take me to the beach?
i hope you will because i'll be happy

like there is nothing else to talk about kan?

mom and sis are on their way to home town
lepas ni jumpa semula masa cuti chinese new year la

esok birthday muhammad
x pernah join diorang celebrate birthday budak kecik tu

it's raining since yesterday and i am in bliss
gosh! why do i have to go to class during this time of weather?....

mom and sis are here with me in my little room
don't know when will they go back

i don't have patient for this morning
why am i always short of patient?
they must think that i am lazy because my chair is always empty
*sigh again*

morning everyone
it is 8am and i am supposed to have class at 8.15am
as usual, i am always later

i am having my breakfast right now
want to join me?
i have hot nescafe, bread, cheese and black pepper powder
if only i have toaster and i woke up earlier this morning, i would make myself french toast

at this moment, i don't feel like doing anything
i just want to go home...

i hate sundays
i hope that every day is friday. i just love spending time in bed and watching DVDs on weekend

by the way, exam is in january
which makes me realize i don't have enough time to cover all the topics
i have to pass the exam or i won't be able to sit for the professional exam in may

i always forget what i read and the lecturers think that i don't read because i seem to not know everything

i have a thought that may be i am not fit in this area
maybe this is not the field where i belong

patient tidak datang pagi ini
kebosanan aku sepagian
requirement banyak lagi belum buat
sempat ke??

i hope my patient will come today
i've scolded one patient yesterday because he didn't bother to answer my call or even reply my SMSes
kalau dah balik kampung lama2 tu, bagitau jela. kan dah kena marah sebab x cakap betul

i have one ideal case for bridge work but apparently, he couldn't be reached on his cell or house number
jangan la camni encik. saya mau carik makan

sape ada masah gig bergoyang tapi xde cavity (i am looking for patients with gum problem here), sila beri nombor telefon anda supaya saya boleh panggil anda datang ke klinik dan jumpa saya yang comel ini (ye. sila muntah)

i slept through the night. how satisfied my mind is :P
tu pun ada hati nak bangun lambat lagi

hari ini masuk hari ke-6 pinggang aku sakit
it started last sunday bila semalaman aku tidur tiarap (oh. itu memang kebiasaan)
the next day, i had a backache
it disturbs my daily activities
i cannot sit for a long period, i cannot drive, i cannot perform prayers well
the only time i don't feel pain are when i am standing/walking and lying

i thought it will go away, you know like a usual back pain you had when you sleep in a wrong position
but this doesn't

i don't know what's happening
sometimes it gets worse
sometimes the pain disappears

at this moment, i am lying on my chest in my bed
and i feel comfortable

hari ini session dental public health akan dilaksanakan di klinik ante natal dan tadika
sebab lecturer ada kat situ untuk assess
kalau buat merepek, siap sedia la untuk dimarahi

nanti kat tadika, kitorang akan berlakon

ada tgh jadi tempat simpan habuk kat rak
alhamdulillah...usaha last minute terbayar

ni cerita lama
belasah jela

my friend was admitted to observation ward emergency dept last night
she has an allergic reaction towards NSAID after taking it for her foot pain
i was with her until 2am until i could not tahan my sleepiness
left her there until morning because she was under observation for 6 hours
today, she looks way better than yesterday

at this moment, i am so into "THROUGH MY WINDOW"
i have been mashing up the song in the hope that at least i win RM10
i don't even know how to read musical notes :P
never mind la, for suka2 only

ada sesuatu berlaku semalam
perkara yang agak x munasabah la

malam sebelumnya, aku ke emergency department sebab on call
tunggu kat sana sampai pukul 2 pagi
sampai bilik je, cepat2 bersiap dan tidur

aku hanya bangun bila handphone berbunyi sebab patient call
baru teringat ada bagi appointment pukul 8.30 pagi
bila tengok jam, dah pukul 9.30 pagi
apa lagi, terus mandi dengan sepantas kilat dan speed walk ke klinik

bukak pintu klinik je mana2 classmates yang bertembung bagitau,
"eyh.x pegi kelas eh?bapak angkat kirim salam.berani ko x pegi kelas dia"
aku pun, "kelas pe?"
mereka, "case presentation dengan dean"
aku, "sumpah aku lupa betul. huhu"

dah lupa kan, nak buat camne, teruskan jela hari tu dengan examined patient dan buat scaling

pagi tadi, terserempak dengan dean dan terus mengaku bersalah sebab x pegi kelas dia
memang aku lupa betul...

dean tanya aku, "how's your clinic and study?"
jawapan aku mestilah, "slow je prof..."
dia ada cakap, final year tahun ni agak slow kalau nak dibandingkan dengan 4th year
our knowledge is too superficial
ni mesti kes aku buat salah kat klinik dah sampai kat telinga dia

aku sudah cuak
sempat ke nak fulfill requirement yang banyak tu dalam masa 5 bulan?
benda2 macam ni la yang selalu buat heart rate aku racing dan aku selalu pening kepala
habis tu, nak macam mana lagi...

i cry silently
in the middle of the night
when nobody is here
whom i can share my feelings with

i am just a girl
who still needs kisses and hugs
and assurance that everything is going to be okay

i had a dream last night
quite a nice one i think

it featured me at the mall
i was at the perfume counter trying all sorts of perfumes available
i was hooked up with SJP's perfume collection and bought one for myself
in real life, i never saw any SJP's collection over the perfume counter

when i woke up, i actually looked for the 'perfume' i bought
silly me :P

ada sesiapa nak belikan perfume x?
dapat yang bodyshop punya pun jadi la

aku naik ambulance amek vic of accident
aku seronok
tapi vic itu sangat ganas meronta
dia x sedarkan diri
aku terpaksa pegang kaki tangan dia dengan kuat sebelum dia bukak cervical collar
owh..dia sangat ganas
kudrat aku x cukup untuk pegang dia
kenapa rescuer lain xnak tolong aku pegang dia eh?
diorang kan lelaki

sekarang bahu dan belakang aku sakit
tampal koyok best ni
yoko yoko pun ada

i presented my topic of research this morning
alhamdulillah, everything went well
i wasn't expecting good comment from the judges but yeah, i think i deserved it
according to the judges, my presentation was nicely done with interesting topic and interesting result
they didn't ask any question to me which amazed me
and they said, if no question was asked, it meant the presentation was clear and understandable
alhamdulillah once again

during the closing ceremony, they announced the winners for each category
guess what?
i was the first runner up for clinical study category :)
only me and the winner weren't asked any question by the judges
that impressive huh?

and the winners are going to represent our school at national level in january which will be held in UM

after all the hard work and stress and inadequate sleep and stuff,
i managed to get something as reward
thank you to all~
rombongan beramai-ramai ke UM

tomorrow, i will be presenting my research for 7th student scientific conference
i am not sure whether i have prepared for it
i feel uneasy and try to block it away
it has been there in my mind for the past few weeks

i played around a lot
i messed things up
i tend to rush things at the very last minute
i just don't know...

had exam this afternoon
i didn't read before the exam
once again, i messed up

i just hope that i can finish my presentation as planned without so many questions from the floor

ada kelas pagi ini
x menarik sungguh. huh! tapi xpela sebab sekarang sedang buat A&E posting
A&E itu menarik ;-)

yang x bestnya, lepas ni akan masuk klinik tiap2 hari sampailah final exam
(insyaAllah boleh amek final exam :P)

i am so gonna miss doing medical posting
less stress, less mess, less burden
nobody understands this

sebenarnya, makin hari makin rasa jauh

oh! went to post mortem meeting in UM and we got great news
that is to be kept among us only *wink*
then, headed straight to penang to celebrate my GF birthday
pictures later
have to go on call

i had adrenaline rush this one whole day
dapat tengok live emergency cases kat emergency department
polytrauma, reduced sensorium, cardiac arrest

2 cardiac arrest patients died
i performed CPR on them
rasa macam nak luruh jantung sebab heart rate menjulang naik

i also gedik2 buat triage-ing

these were taken during HTD last weekend

malam kejadian yang berlaku hujan lebat beserta guruh
akibatnya, gerai kami kebanjiran
diorang ni kerja tolak air

were trying to convince them to try air khatira
and we did!
the next day, the bought air khatira again

bancuhan waffle yang aku buat

emosi masih lagi tak terkawal. sabarlah hati. hampir terfikir untuk melakukan sesuatu di luar dugaan

what will happen if i give up?

i am so not in the mood these few days
and i am not bothered with what is happening around me

i lose myself...again
and i don't know for how long i will be like i am now

my soul is empty
i miss my space
and i miss lonesome

just let me be here
i beg no words or gestures

just let me be...

i am now posted at emergency department
so far, not many interesting cases i have seen (or is it because i always come late to A&E? :P)

yesterday, i saw one case of motor vehicle accident
i felt great because i got to see blood
real blood man..
damn crazy girl

there's nothing else i can say
duduk diam2 jela

akhirnya kami tutup gerai
awal pulak tu
pukul 3 dah bungkus
x larat nak tunggu lagi lagipun esok start kelas

mujur juga berkemas awal sebab x lama lepas habis kemas, hujan pun turun dengan lebat beserta ribut yang hampir menumbangkan gerai

sampai bilik terus tidur
bangun2 je, sapu dan mop lantai
rasa bersepah pulak bilik (padahal hari2 memang bersepah pun)

makcik gerai sebelah sedih bila tengok kami kemas awal
xde kawan agaknya

kami dapat air cincau free sebekas sebab bagi air gula free kat diorang

hari ni hari pertama hari terbuka desa ataupun HTD
aku dan kawan2 berpakat nak buka gerai
jadinya, hari ini dalam sejarah la kiranya kan

masing2 ada kelas sampai petang
jadi, kami set up gerai lambat
semua orang tanya kenapa lambat buka
dah, nak buat macam mana kan....

apa yang kami jual?
air khatira, bandung cincau, pancake, waffle, sweet corn and hash brown
belum tau lagi untung atau tidak
tak larat la nak kira semua tu sekarang ni....

i woke up from sleep at 2.30am
purposely slept early because i felt like staying up

now. now. i should be doing my work but i read blogs instead

i have plan for this weekend
mommy also has something for me
let's pray that i will get that 'thing' as earliest possible

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to whoever celebrate their birthdays this month
may God bless you always
you know i love you all :)

to the laid back guy, CONGRATULATIONS on your convocation
we both owe each other, aight?

and people,

baru sahaja selesai membuat waffle
1st time buat, adunan jadi sangat kenyal
-->tak berapa sedap

adunan kedua, sudah menjadi
cumanya tak sanggup nak tunggu lebih 5 minit untuk waffle tu masak
banyak keping kami makan

hujung minggu ni akan ada lagi~

raya tahun ni agak sibuk
raya pertama dah berangkat ke klang
sampai je petang tu, terus ke sabak bernam
dah 4 tahun rasanya x raya kat sabak bernam

right now, at this moment i really feel like cooking
the menu?

mee bandung

but i don't have transport to go to supermarket
and i don't have my friends here to eat what i cook
and i don't have the budget for it

tengok gambar jela....

bas untuk pulang ke kampung khamis lepas patut bertolak pukul 8 malam
dan bas transnasional selalu tiba tepat pada waktunya
waktu aku dan noddy sampai ke stesen bas pukul 6.30 petang tu, bas ke batu pahat dah ada
bas ke johor bahru belum sampai lagi
takpe...selalu pukul 7.30 bas ke jb baru ada

kami pun berjalan kaki dari stesen bas ke restoran tarbush untuk buka puasa
aku xtau nasi apa yang aku makan tapi rasanya sedap
rasa macam nak order lagi lain kali tapi restoran tu menunya berubah ikut hari...

lepas berbuka, kami pun speedwalked ke stesen bas
tengok jam, masih sempat nak jamak taqdim ni
makanya, kami pun bercepat-cepatan

bila aku tengok, bas ke jb x sampai2 lagi
dah pukul 8 ni
pergi ke kaunter, diorang kata bas belum sampai lagi
xtau kat mana
buleh pulak camtu

naseb ada kawan. sorang nak ke seremban pukul 8.30. sorang lagi ke klang pukul 9
xtau apa nasib, bas ke seremban pun lambat. yang ke klang dah selamat bertolak dah...
pukul 9.30 masih xde lagi bayang bas
hati dah cuak sebab teringat pemandu bas mogok malam raya

aku bukannya apa, kalau gerak lambat, nanti sampai jb dah tengah hari. pukul berapa pulak nak sampai rumah kan..
pukul 10 baru bas sampai. pakcik tu buleh pulak buat lawak walaupun tau dia sampai lambat
buat2 lawak konon kitorang suka la tu
oh, please.....

dan driver bawak bas dengan perlahan
amat perlahan...
patutnya pukul 10 pagi dah boleh sampai jb (perjalanan kb-jb mengambil masa 12 jam ye. sebab tu kaki selalu cramp kalau naik bas)
tapi hari jumaat tu, terminal larkin hanya boleh dilihat dengan mata kepala pada pukul 12
14 jam atas bas yang amat menyeksakan!!!!!!

endless sneezing since i arrived this morning
damn! my room was dusty
i only left it for a week

quickly took a shower and did some cleaning
that's when i started sneezing endlessly until my nose became red like clown

currently, i am having biskut suji for breakfast
so yummy~

buleh pulak aku ada angular stomatitis
ni mesti kes derma darah aritu pastu terus x cukup iron
sakit okay xleh nak bukak mulut besar2

something happened this morning but i rather keep it to myself
instead, i will tell you another story

yes, this is a story of me drooling over one guy who happened to be supervising me in the clinic this afternoon
my heart fluttered when he looked at me (or the other way round :P)
i smiled the whole afternoon because of him
gosh! i wish he knows my name...
he even praised my work causing my heart rate to double (hahahaha. okay. i bluff. so what?)

i have excuse to look for him tomorrow because i accidentally forgot to ask for his signature for the treatman plan

who knows maybe my heart beats triple the rate tomorrow?

it is a (quite) rare scene seeing me sitting at the table trying to get my work done
seriously because i am such a lazy brat

i will drag my work until the very last minute
and when that time arrives, i will work my head fast enough to finish them

please, don't try this yourself because i suffer
but being me, i never learn from my many mistakes :D

ada orang main api kat hostel
cam best jek
nak join gak tapi kawan-kawanku cam xnak pulak :P

mercun memang x main
hahahaha xD
tengok orang main jela

ada dengar bunyi meriam
bertambah semangat nak balik
sebab kat kampung ada pakcik yang akan main meriam sejurus sahaja azan maghrib berkumandang
xtaula dia puasa ke x :P

aku dalam dilema la...

sedang berusaha untuk download lagu-lagu raya
tak sangka ada 6 hari je lagi nak balik rumah
huhu..tak sabarnya saya~~

tidak bangun sahur sekali lagi pagi tadi
ish...ape la nak jadi ni

pergi klinik dengan perut kosong
huhu...masuk angin jadinya

berjaya menyiapkan MMR untuk immediate denture
tengok nanti macam mana hasilnya masa try in

kepeningan huru hara

mau tidur la
tapi nanti takut x bangun sahur lagi
tunggu kejap lagi kot...

baru ku sedar kenapa aku jadi sangat mengantuk seharian ni
malam sebelumnya aku cuma tidur 30minit sebelum sahur dan 1 jam selepas sahur
lepas subuh, terus bersiap untuk ke kelas sebab pesakit temujanji ramai

peliknya, aku tak mengantuk pun seharian semalam
malam tu pulak, ada kempen derma darah mega
dan aku pun turut serta
ramai gila umat datang nak derma darah

buka puasa dengan mihun goreng saje sebab nasi dah habis waktu kami tiba lepas sembahyang maghrib
bengan betul aku
dah tau orang ramai, tak nak pulak sediakan makanan lebih

dan aku pun derma darah sebanyak 450ml
masih lagi mampu bertahan selepas derma darah (sebab selalunya ada je insiden pengsan2 lepas derma darah :P)

posisi awal sebelum terpaksa bertukar katil sebab vein tangan kiri sangat kecik
sekarang tangan kanan ada hematoma
capillary rupture la pulak kan...

balik bilik terus tidur tak sedarkan diri sampai terlepas sahur pagi tadi
dan pergi kelas dalam keadaan yang sangat mengantuk
aku rasa kerana aku kekurangan OKSIGEN

tetap rasa mengantuk lagi walaupun dah tidur awal sampai terlepas sahur
xde moodnya nak pegi klinik.....

i have a thing with a guy who
--> is tall
--> is not too bulky
--> has shoulder-length straight hair
--> has nice smile
--> is sleepy-eyed (because i am one too. cett :P)
--> will give me pocket money every month so i can spend it. hahahaha xD

ni semua adalah angan2 saje ye

-------> oii!!x reti nak tidur ke? esok ada klinik la. gedik :P

tadi kat bazar, nak beli air lepas berebut beli makanan
terpaku depan deretan air yang berwarna-warni
rasa macam nak minum cendol. tapi macam nak air kelapa gak
nak yang mana satu eh?
bergerak sedikit demi sedikit ke tempat air tu
orang sebelah order cendol
ish, nak cendol gak la
okay. hati dah tetap. nak order cendol
tak lama pastu orang sebelah kanan order air kelapa
camne ni? rasa macam nak air kelapa lak

bila dah sampai turn...

"mm..nak air kelapa satu"
akhirnya order air kelapa

nasib baik tak beli dua2 :P

i tak tamak tau

sangat teringin nak makan kuih suji
dulu tak berapa nak suka tapi sekarang ni jadi tergila-gilakan pulak
nevermind. my mom will make them for me :)

they were out and brought a pair of shoes each
damn jealous
on second thought, i wont be wearing fancy shoes during raya or whatever
but still.....i am jealous
i want at least a pair too

o yeah, we went out to mamak (again?)
no cheesy moment occurred tonight
this girl really wanted roti canai banjir
obviously, not me
because i craved for something else

i ordered regular X-meal
so i had to taste both the chicken and burger

their new menu, cheesy chicken macaroni is so cheesy
better to eat it while it is still hot or else you will be bloated :P

hey girl!!
go sleep la
so late already


currently, am cracking up my head
why do i have to do this?

smack right in my face
drag me back into reality

buka nanti nak makan pizza boleh?

dalam pada dapat nombor telefon semalam, kami masih lagi teringin nak pergi makan roti canai
weyh!!!aku nak teh tarik gelas besar
ye. aku tamak

tapi, kami berjaya mengekang nafsu kami
kami tak keluar pun malam ni
hanya menghabiskan masa di depan laptop sambil tengok wayang hindi
aamir khan yang berlakon

sebelum tu, mestilah ada sesi asam garam rempah kehidupan
barulah menarik kehidupan malam kami kan

ada cerita menarik hari ini
tadi kami ke lepak kat mamak
masing2 teringin nak makan roti canai

sesudah makan, kami ke kaunter untuk membayar
rakanku yang seorang ini telah diberikan resit
dia terasa ada kertas keras dalam tangannya
rupa-rupanya, mamak itu telah menyelitkan nombor telefon semasa nak pulangkan baki dan bagi resit
disuruh call
"please call me. 014-22(pastu dah tak ingat). roni"
muahahahahaha xD
lawak hindi sungguh

(layan lagu hindustan sepanjang sesi melantak tadi sebab restoran itu asyik memainkan lagu-lagu hindi)

suffian called just now
we haven't talked to each other for so long
currently based in kedah, he has no worry whether he has raya holiday or not :P

hey, big brother!
i want duit raya
please bank in into my account :D

i woke up this morning and received an SMS saying the exam will be forwarded to 12 pm

nasib baik ada baca gak sikit2 malam tadi

viva semalam pun x habis lagi
kejap lagi mesti kena la ni

woke up late this morning
and i mean....late
received an SMS from te group leader that there will be a viva session

i cooked.................again
this time, i made tom yam
instant tom yam to be exact
and the decision was also instant

i made blackcurrant added with evaporated milk and longan
you should try it yourselves :)

now, i am enjoying pomelo
farha's mother bought it for us

teringat semasa bersekolah agama di johor
susahnya rasa...
periksa darjah 6 memang payah
tak pernah pergi kelas bahasa arab sebab cikgu mengajar dalam bahasa arab
tak paham..
masa periksa, tembak je jawapan
tak pun meniru
ye..saya mengaku
saya meniru dalam exam

paling suka subjek jenayat, muamalat dan faraid
tapi sekarang semua dah lupa
berkarat dah otak

kelas munakahat tak menarik
ustaz suka cakap bukan2
ustaz muda yang suka kat orang cantik2 je :P

kelas akidah, ibadat, tasawwuf...

periksa darjah 6 dapat pangkat 2 aggregat 20 (kalau x silap)
hahahaha...gila besar nombor tu ha

masuk darjah khas
kelas seminggu sekali. hari sabtu
tu pun payah nak datang
sebab kena kayuh basikal ke sekolah yang jauh dari rumah
kelas start pukul 8 pagi sampai 1 petang
kalau belajar hadith, mesti terus tertidur
x pernah langsung hafal hadith
last sekali, berhenti darjah khas

i am not at the top of my game
i am lost
i freak out
i am afraid...

buat pertama kalinya, aku berbuka di operation theatre semalam
gila gigih
even the staff and doctor pun terkejut tengok kitorang wujud lagi kat OT masa berbuka
yang sebenarnya, malas nak ulang alik ke bilik semata-mata untuk berbuka
duduk jela kat situ sampai habis on call

ok. pagi ini aku teringin nak senaraikan mitos-mitos yang selalu terjadi ke atas aku dalam bulan puasa

1. akan sakit perut kalau minum air sejuk untuk sahur
2. amat susah sebenarnya untuk bangun sahur
3. gastrik (atau ala2 gastrik) akan menyerang pada awal bulan puasa. kali ni dah xde dah
4. menjadi raja segala siput babi kerana menghabiskan waktu siang dengan tidur membuta tuli
5. kebelakangan ini lebih senang menyediakan sendiri makanan berbuka walaupun kosnya lebih mahal daripada beli bungkus
6. terawih di surau digantikan dengan terawih di dalam bilik (yang ini, buruk perlakuannya)
7. akan mula lapar amat apabila jam menunjukkan jam 6 petang (kadang2 lebih awal dari itu). pada masa tu, akan seboleh-bolehnya mengelak dari melihat jam dan melekakan diri dengan benda2 lalai. ish3
8. xtau pe dah....

rasa cam nak sambung tidur la

Day 2:
we had opening ceremony in the morning
we were supposed to meet the speaker at 7am but we only woke up at 7.30am :P
by the time we reached the ballroom, he was not there

minister of higher education should officiate the ceremony but failed to turn up
did not know what the reason was

we were happy because the hall was almost full
it was an amazement to see that because according to our experiences, nobody attends scientific seminar
usually, most of the seats were empty
but this time, it was the other way round :)

all 3 lectures went smoothly
i even asked few questions to speakers

the scientific seminar ended at 12.30pm
we had our lunch and straight away get ready for next activity

we gathered at the lobby at 2pm
we were supposed to go for city tour
since there were almost 400 people, the situation was kind of chaotic
and then, it rained....
thus, it delayed our plan

went to fort cornwallis, art museum, chocolate factory and batik factory
these places are the places i would not go if i were with my friends ;)
bought 3 boxes of chocolate which costed me rm50+. damn mahal...

from all these places, the tour guide dropped us at gurney plaza
plan was to have dinner at gurney drive
but since aizat really wanted to eat char kuetiau, so i gave iryna a call and asked her to bring us to eat char kuetiau

on the way back, iryna dropped us at the night market and we walked the whole stretch of night market back to the hotel
waaaa!!!saket kaki...
nevermind la

i cooked for berbuka puasa yesterday
the afternoon class was cancelled due to miscommunication
went to supermarket in front of husm to buy ingredients for cooking
i bought chicken, rempah ratus and mee

in progress...

dah siap
(maaf. cara hidangan tidak menarik. tapi tidak mengapa kerana rasanya sedap~~)

Day 1:
we were supposed to check out from blue diamond hotel and headed straight to bayview beach resort
it was relieving to get out from that place
once we got there, we looked for any warung for breakfast
the organizers didn't provide breakfast for us that morning
damn lapar....
we walked down the streets and entered a coffee shop
i ordered teh tarik and nasi goreng
kenyang sangat sebab banyak sangat

at 3pm, we had rehearsal for welcoming dinner that night
i sat there, walking here and there, and did something here and there

preparing for SRC and scientific seminar
jun tu gelak je lebey :P

the group leaders tapi jarang ada dalam group :P

around 5pm, we were asked to go to the airport to fetch the international participants
the journey took one hour and another hour to get back to the hotel
the airport was full with us swarming around
they brought big luggage each like they wanted to stay forever
berat pulak tu

we were late for the welcoming dinner (as usual, i am a latecomer)
once i seated, i straight away helped myself with the food
i sat with a group of people from different countries
bibiana - the group leader (UKM)
aizat - NUS
chyntia - Prof Dr Moestopo University
hanwei - Taiwan (couldn't remember the university)
there were 2 Betty - both from taiwan
shandy - University of Indonesia (youngest among us all.comel lak tu :P)
aga - i think he's from Airlangga University
nayu - Korea

aizat is the talkative one. he talked a lot and influenced me to do so
the rest were not so chatty. aga and nayu talked the least

nayu. me. aga. chyntia. hanwei
betty. shandy. bibiana. betty
aizat was the one who took this pic

done eating, i had to attend the post mortem meeting
i slept half way because they dragged the meeting

me and few of my friends joined the Asia Pacific Dental Students Association (APDSA) Congress held in Penang last week
we went as local organizing committee
i was the vice president III and at the same time helped my friend to organize Scientific Research Competition for the participants

departed by van last sunday
the journey was disastrous
the driver drove like a mad man while we at the back suffered from massive buttock and neck injury disebabkan halaju tinggi dan dengan selamba melanggar lubang-lubang di jalan raya

we were supposed to overnight at a cheap hotel before we checked into the Bayview Beach Resort
this cheap motel was located at chulia street and aiyak!!!!
the condition reminisced me of "the Good Old Days" chinese drama
nevermind la...
we just prayed that nothing happened (e.g a drunk man entered our room and bla bla bla)
i couldn't sleep that night
nak nanges je sebab xleh tido...

semalam berbuka puasa dengan mee bandung dan sata serta nescafe panas

hari ini, lauk best sikit
ada nasi putih, sambal tumis ikan bilis dengan petai dan batang keladi masak lemak
mahu buat air blackcurrant la

selamat berbuka semua~

have to get ready for a trip to some place
just arrived here yesterday
and today have to go to another place
really makan duit tau...

won't be here for a week
dah kena marah ngan patient tadi sebab dah lama x bagi appointment
sori pakcik. xde klinik la...
nak buat camne

hop on the bus back to usm at 6pm yesterday
stopped at genting sempah to change and bought dinner
slept all the way to kb
arrived at 1.30am
it felt like i was riding a horse
sakit segala urat belikat

seminar in ukm was syiok
i enjoyed most of the topic presented tapi x paham satu benda pun sebab x belajar lagi mende alah tu

this morning, i have no patient
tenang je klinik sebab xde orang

i am going home tomorrow

will be getting on the bus tonight for a trip to kl with classmates
we are having a course at ukm kl
faeez!!sila jemput aku

x pernah lekat kat bilik kalau weekend
kering purse aku

i cried a silent cry
nobody is here whom i can share my sorrow with

everything is everywhere
but none can erase the uncertainty

to look into the depth of emotion
mind is clouded
clear view could not be appreciated

i wish for a better day,
a better weather

i pray for wisdom
to guide me through the endless road

(feel like crying but i can't)

banyak benda yang tersimpan tapi x boleh nak diluah
redha jela~~

memandu dari kota bharu ke klang pada malam jumaat bersama sepupu
kami berdua saje
sampi turn aku bawak lak...
aku xtau jalan
sampai rumah terus tidur sampai pukul 10
(considered awal bagi aku ye..)
dan terus sahaja menolong makcikku masak untuk tahlil petang tu
aku pemalas. mana aku nak tolong keje2 dapur sebelum ni

esoknya, kami berombongan ke melaka
cousin ku tunang..
bersempitan di dalam kereta dengan hantaran
saket pinggang sebab seat keta rendah sambil memangku hantaran dan juga terpaksa duduk 3 orang yang saiznya agak besar
anak buah carik pasal sebab gedik nak tidur baring
amat sempit ye keadaan ketika itu

malam semalam juga la aku pulang ke kota bharu yang serba permai ini
berpikir berhempas-pulas dan membaca buku teks di atas bas dalam keadaan gelap sebab ada seminar yang perlu dibentangkan
lecturer in charge terkenal dengan kegarangannya..

naik teksi untuk ke kampus
x tanya pun tambang berapa sebab selama ni aku memang x pernah tanya
apabila sudah sampai;
aku : berapa pakcik?
pakcik : rm20
aku : mahalnya!selama ni saya naik rm15 je 9tiba2 je pitch tinggi)
pakcik : eh..mana ada. saya bawak orang selama ni memang rm20
aku : tipu. saya bayar rm15 je, rm13 je sebelum ni. dengan pakcik asal lak kena rm20?
pakcik : saya bagitau je rm20. ikut awak la nak bagi berapa. saya x kisah. pagi2 lagi dah tinggi suara macam ni ( jam pukul 5.20pagi ketika itu)
aku : tak kira. saya nak bayar rm15 jugak (dan aku pun hulurkan rm20.kex xde duit kecik la ni)
pakcik : ikut la nak bayar berapa pun.
(kemudian, dia ambil duit tu)
pakcik : xde duit kecik ke?
aku : xde. itu jela duit saya ada.
pakcik : habis tu macam mana ni?
aku : saya nak bayar rm15 gak
pakcik : dah, saya xde duit kecik
aku : kata berniaga. kenapa pulak xde duit kecik?
pakcik : saya x berniaga. saya ada duit kecik tapi rm10 jela semua
(aku pun korek2 syiling dalam purse dan bagi dia)
aku : nah. terima kasih

bengang aku pagi2 buta dengan pakcik teksi
aku cam muka dia
memang xnak naik keta dia lagi

woke up this morning with heart beat rate of 120/min
sit in front of the laptop and finished up the case presentation
i am a lousy leader
kesian adik-adikku
maaf ye...
kakak kamu memang begini

counting the seconds
have class at 10

last 2 days, i had to present a so called "projek lestari" to a panel
i was not prepared for that
i thought i was going to share it with other ydp
sumpah merepek
lantak la

yesterday, i had a meeting with the committee for sukan rakyat
i totally handed the task to them
biarlah diorang nak buat macam mana pun
x larat dah nak fikir

just now, i had another meeting with the TNC HEPP
dia memang boleh bagi lecture
it was interesting but since it dragged to late hours, i could not tahan
i had to prepare case presentation for tomorrow and seminar this sunday

right now, i am preparing the case presentation
xtau nak goreng pe dah
pening kepala....

baru sahaja balik dari tasik pergau
kami ber'camping' 2 hari 1 malam
tempatnya cantik tak terusik dikelilingi air tasik yang hijau

sekarang ini, kulit mukaku sangatlah terbakar
pedih yang amat
belum pernah lagi 'sunburned' sampai macam ni
sebab aku ini susah nak sunburn

mau tidur la
esok saja sambung cerita

muka happy2~~
x sabar nak berendam

meh angkat barang dan panjat tangga
bakul pink tu aku beli semata-mata sebab nak pergi picnic
dan aku buat itu sandwich dan roti telur yang best tu
aku semangat!!

pelampung itik itu comel

macam mana nak panjat and bawak banyak barang eh??

sebelum naik singgah beli satay ikan dulu
lama seyh x makan benda alah ni
pakcik ni berjaya pujuk aku beli satay dia 3ringgit
padahal aku nak singgit je

benda alah ni berlaku hujung minggu lepas
aku lah yang jadi mastermind
kes dah lama x pergi main air walaupun aku x reti berenang :P

semangat aku siap2 barang the night before
masak sampai pukul 2 pagi
plan nak bertolak pukul 8.30 pagi tapi aku terlajak tidur
dan bangun pukul 8.45 pagi
dengan kelam-kabutnya aku pun siapkan sandwich dan pack barang dalam beg dan bakul
singgah dulu beli nasi lemak sebab x kuasa lah kan aku nak masak berat2
orang kafe xmo amek order aku
aku order nasi lemak untuk 8 orang makan, terus diorang reject order aku

perjalanan dipenuhi dengan lawak bangang dan gelak ketawa

i present to you SYED MUHAMMAD!!!!
budak kecik yang sangat petah dan keletah

hampir give up
letih..tak larat..berat..

xpe..masih lagi mampu pujuk hati

aku bagi nombor telefon aku supaya aku senang nak contact patients
tapi yang jadi rimasnya bila diorang tak reti nak respect private life aku
hantar message pukul 1 pagi
bengang la aku

aku bagi appointment tak pernahnya nak datang on time
sekarang ni tau pulak nak paksa2 aku bagi appointment kat dia
nak esok lak tu
sakit gigi katanya
pergi jela mana-mana klinik gigi yang dekat
tak payah susah2 nak datang klinik tempat aku buat kerja yang jauh ni
aku sangat bengang sekarang ini

today, i had pedodontics session in the morning and afternoon
for morning session, i had adam as my patient
he is still as cute and as chubby as before
i told him that i adore him

i didn't expect to do extraction on him
but considering the symptoms he had, there was no other choice
extraction was the perfect solution

so, i told him that i was going to remove that bad tooth
he was okay at first
i gave him local anaesthesia
he sat very still and didn't complain of pain when i inserted the needle
after few minutes, when i wanted to extract, suddenly he said he didn't want to extraction today
he requested to remove the tooth tomorrow
i was, "huh?dah kena inject baru kata tak nak cabut gigi ke?"

and i spent almost 30 minutes to convince him
we were looking for his brother at the waiting area but he was nowhere in sight
i called his mother and told her the situation
his mother asked me to remove the tooth today
then, adam wanted to talk to his mother
i called her again and let him talked to her
at last, he agreed

less than 5 minutes, the tooth was removed in one piece
and he didn't cry a bit
that makes me love him more

and for afternoon session, i had hazim
same thing happened
i didn't expect to do extraction but i had to
the child wasn't prepared when i told him that i was going to remove 3 of his teeth
he was okay at first
when i was done with restoration of his other tooth,

hazim: kak, cabut gigi lain kali boleh tak?
me: eh, kenapa?
hazim:sebab gigi dah banyak kena cabut
me:oh, okay.hazim nak cabut bila?
me:khamis minggu ni ke, minggu depan?
hazim:minggu depan la
me:okay :)

i gave him the power to decide for himself
it is at their age they learn how to take control of their decision
by the way, he is only 11 years old

bangun pagi saja, terus kemas katil dan mandi
seha datang kejutkan kami
dan aku buatkan mereka sarapan

roti gardenia, cheese, black pepper, scrambled eggs, and chilli tuna
aku memang rajin buat sarapan

hari ini aku sendirian
kawan-kawanku semua keluar
aku sengaja tak mahu ikut
aku ingin bersendirian
sudah lama aku tak bersendirian

langit gelap sedari tadi
oh..mahu hujan rupanya
aku gemar begini
menghabiskan masa hujung minggu bersendirian dengan cuaca yang dingin


semalam aku sangat marah pada seseorang
mujur aku tidak meninggikan suara
moga-moga orang itu faham situasi aku
sudah dua kali orang itu melakukan sesuatu yang sama
aku jadi sangat bengang
bengang amat
sampai mukaku jadi merah kerana tahan marah

ada ketika aku jadi tidak mampu untuk tahan amarahku
dek kerana terlalu banyak yang dipendam
sampaikan orang yang tidak bersalah pun jadi mangsa
sabar wahai hati

sejak bukak sekolah, hari2 tidur awal
tidur mati pulak tu
gembira je hati aku bila bangun pagi

seronok kat tempat baru
sebab chair aku ada terletaknya barang2 yang diperlukan
x payah gerak jauh2

dan nama aku juga yang selalu dipanggil-panggil oleh staff

nak kena jumpa dean ni
jap lagi la

pagi ini bangun awal
semalam tidur dari petang sampai pagi ni
itu pun pip yang kejutkan
kalau x, mesti sambung tidur terus :P

buatkan pip sarapan
ala...simple je
roti dengan cheese dan hot nescafe
best ada kawan teman sarapan

ada klinik pagi petang

hari ini start sekolah
saya sudah cuti 2 minggu
rasa macam malas dan takut2 mau ke sekolah

balik dari sekolah, saya terus tidur kepenatan
apabila terjaga, saya rasa penat dan mengantuk sangat

dan sekolah saya telah mem'block' diari alam maya saya
saya tidak boleh membaca kembali semua tulisan saya
saya hanya boleh menulis

tidak mengapa
mungkin akan ada yang memberontak
saya hanya melihat dari jauh

oh ya!
sudah lama saya tidak membuka youtube kerana youtube juga diblock
jika kalian ada letak youtube link, ketahuilah sesungguhnya saya takkan dapat melihatnya

saya tidak faham mengapa mereka mem'block' diari alam maya ini
saya sedih
ini tempat saya menulis dan merepek

semua pun nak kena 'block' ke?

hari ini students check in hostel
keluar bilik pagi2 dah dengar suara orang lelaki
angkatlah sendiri barang-barang tu
aku angkat sendiri pe barang-barang aku

makin ramai la pulak kawan2 masa sekolah yang dah kawen
terkejut aku
tah bila kawen pun aku xtau

congrats tasya

ahad lepas, kami dua beradik bergerak ke zoo melaka
dengan beraninya aku merempuh highway tanpa mak aku

bila sampai, dah pukul 2 lebih
binatang banyak tengah tidur
singa pun menyorok belakang tembok
ish!aku mau tengok kamu la singa...dan harimau

bersungguh-sungguh aku jalan kaki pusing zoo
dan akhirnya berjaya

memberanikan diri masuk bandar melaka
tak sesat

balik rumah terus pengsan
owh..berlumba kereta dengan apek kat highway sebab dia tak bagi aku potong kereta yang dia pandu 90km/j

ini tauhu goreng

yang ini pula lontong kering
(patutnya ada rendang daging tapi dah habis pulak rendangnya :P)

hilang kempunan dapat makan lontong kering
saya suka sangat!!
lontong kering itu best~~
tak suka sangat lontong basah

the three of us went window shopping at Tebrau City
i don't have the cash so i just watched them bought things *jealous*

oleh sebab that was my first time driving to jb (ye..sila gelakkan saya), ada la 3 kali salah masuk jalan :P

keluar seharian dari pagi
mula2 ke pejabat tanah (wahh...aku sangat x kaya okayh)
then, ke rumah pakcik sebab anak dia nak masuk uitm (aku terpaksa bagi kata2 semangat padahal....)
lepas tu baru gerak ke jb
mak aku pun layankan je kitorang 2 beradik
remaja la katakan ..... *wink*

aksi mak dan anak
orang lalu lalang buat x heran jek

lawa pulak toilet dia

aksi nyampah


ye, saya sedang minum air mangga

pergi melencongkan diri ke batu pahat melawat kawan lama
persahabatan bermula dari ibu bapa *chewah*
(ada cerita di sebalik ayat sebab tu aku tulis camtu :P)

bergerak selepas zohor
sampai dalam pukul 3 lebih
bercerita macam2 dan menganalisis muka masing2 *hak3*
ni kes dah lama tak jumpa
seronok la lepak dengan auntie ida
share cerita dengan mak aku yang sama2 kena ngorat laki orang
laki orang tu memang tak sedar diri
aku menyampah sama laki orang

wan mohd qaid irsyad
2 months old
sangat adorable dan tembam dan sihat

mohd akil farhan
sangat diam dan baik
kuat minum susu dan x banyak ragam

abang irsyad
2 tahun
sangat semangat dan sporting
senyum sangat lebar
mak long sayang dia

kakak irsyad
4 tahun
sangat semangat dan kental
juga teramat lasak
dia yang buat kepala aku terhantuk kat tv
sangat ganas okayh ini budak
try la dukung kalau larat

the cousins~

tengah hari tadi pegi makan kat nasi kukus zakini
missed klinik pagi ni
purposely x pegi sebab tau pedo patient xde
cuti sekolah dah abes
petang je aku pegi

amek lauk ayam goreng, paru sambal, ulam, tempoyak, sambal belacan
petang tadi tiba2 pening
aku rasa sebab makan tempoyak
pening2 pun, tetap gak minum nescafe
dah telan panadol sebiji
harap2 ok la..

sedang buat schedule untuk SRC
tambah pening lak jadinya nak susun sorang2 nye turn
ada satu orang male participant dari greece
sungguh pelik sebab setau aku greece bukan negara asia pasifik (kan?kan?)
tapi xpe, tunggu confirmation dari dia dulu baru buleh excited

bangun agak awal dan berjaya datang ke klinik
hari ni dapat 6 patient
aku puas
kena usaha lebih ni


good morning

have a good day ahead


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