a journey of a starless night

serene. tranquil. peaceful.

we went to penang for lawatan sambil belajar to Pusat Bekalan Air Sg Dua Pulau Pinang
the motive was to learn about water fluoridation. tapi akhirnya jadi belajar bagaimana air dirawat
at first, i was excited but the guide dragged our time and i was bored to death :P
panas pulak tu. tengahari buta suruh berjalan pusing loji air
nasib baik i ada kipas tangan yang baru beli kat feringghi the night before *lol*

i have 2 case write up to do but i don't know where to start
have to submit both on sunday
tomorrow, i have to go to machang for mobile clinic
sempat ke??.... erk

me wasting time on the ferris wheel :P


lawatan sambil blajar? lama xdgr term tu =)

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